A beautiful Romanian volunteer fucks and sucks his cock until the release comes out

A beautiful Romanian volunteer fucks and sucks his cock until the release comes out

I am a 50 year old male that about 10 years or so ago "discovered" my prostate. Although happily married and with a healthy sexual content at home, after 15 or so years something was missing. Maybe it was our very frequent sex. We resembled rabbits . . .  I think. But after some time we began to get a bit "been there done that". We were looking for some changes to make our love making more pleasurable. Bought one of those sexuality books, read some and found the chapter of male prostate and its relevance in male sexual enhancement. Also read about female masturbation with vibrators, dildos and the likes. And what I am about to tell you is my sexual life after this discovery of my "g" spot (prostate). I taught my wife about her masturbation and vibrators and I made my own secret anal explorations without getting her involved. All that about macho or sissy. I had grown completely heterosexual and my anal explorations might be interpreted by my wife as "changing teams". So I kept it a secret. As our sexual new life progressed so did my anal sexual satisfaction. Bought several dildos, anal vibrators and other anal toys. Kept it all very well hidden and enjoyed a double life at my own home. Every opportunity I had being alone I fucked my ass and hit that male "g" spot that gave me explosive cums. I really was in sexual cloud 9. In the meantime the wife and I also enjoyed of better and better sex. We would have our love making, including vibrators at any point in the "session". She was orgasming a lot. I asked her to start counting as long as she could. It always ended that she counted up to 5 or 6 orgasms but would lose count after that. She also became very vocal that she was not before. She also was raised a bit conservative and was not too expressive during the first 15 or 16 years. But when the vibrators arrived she became slutty during our sesions. And she was a sexual whore with me. She began asking me to fuck her with such and such vibrator and she began asking me to fill her cunt as deep as possible. She asked for me to buy her bigger dildos. Both in length and in girth. She also bought a clitoral spider. One of those vibrators with a belt that attaches to her pussy and specifically gets "glued to her clitoris. She really was in sex heaven. She was a whore asking for more. She would get from work and If I was not available she would start with the spider. By the time I got there she had cum and gone to orgasmic heaven.   She would ask me, during the sexual session, to "fuck her hard" to give her all the "possible cock" so that she would cum and cum. And many times she just would go "how good hon, fuck me hard" and the likes. "Fill my cunt with that big dildo". She became a real slut in our bed. After some years I asked her if she ever cheated on me. She became so whorish that I was suspecting that she may want some extramarital pleasure. I asked her in such a way that she really did not have to lie to me. If she had I wouild have been OK with it since in part it was my own creatiojn. But she said that although from time to time she had some weird feelings she would never do that. She was committed to us and to our homne. I believed her!!   I am jumping from point to point because there is so much I want to say, that I am really not paying attention too much to "timeframe". Porno films arrived one day (bought by me, of course) and she went berserk when she saw them for the first time. After the first scene had ended she jumped on me and said "give it to me daddy like in the film". She could not hold herself. We began exploring DP with my cock and a dildo. She would suck my cock on a 69 position and I would fuck her pussy with a big dildo. The first time we did that her orgasm was EXPLOSIVE  We tried several positions with my cock and a dildo. One day I said that we should train her ass to open up and take it there too. She was a bit aprehensive initially but she did well and she go
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t to the point that she could orgasm anally only without other erogenous zones being stimulated. Of course we allways ended with filling two of her holes at the same time. Eventually we did her three holes. Dildos, spider and my cock. At all this time my ass continued to get fucked secretely. I kept enjoying my male "g" spot as much as possible. But one day I began telling her that I wanted to try anal sex and that the male "g" spot (the prostate) was a center of explosive sexual pleasure. I asked her to fuck me holding a dildo with her hands and moving it slowly in and out of my ass. And I was in anal heaven. I then convinced her in buying a strap on dildo for her to really do me. When it arrived she could not wait to put it on. Initially she was not so much eager to fuck me as she was eager to simply have a cock and walk around our bedroomn with that cock. When she finally fucked me she exclaimed "I just made you my bitch" I forgot to mention, at her work, she is a nurse, she began telling stories that she read about love making and asking other nurses if they had tried "this or that". She said that every now and then she would come in "meek like" to tell of one of her experiences with me and that she was embelishing the story so nicelly that she felt that some nurses would go masturbate real quick from the excitement she created. She told some stories of the porno films and she would open up to other nurses to also comment about their own experiences. Back to my ass and my wife's fucking me. We got to the point that we named my boy pussy and all the "friends" my boy pussy had. We named her Cleopatra. That way my wife could fuck Cleopatra any time she wanted and as much as she wanted. Cleo was her bitch, not me as mentioned already. My wife would start asking how was Cleo today. She would then speak of what Anthony (Cleopatra's real lover) was ready to do to Cleo. Let me paint this part. Let us say that we were at a night club dancing. My wife would whisper into my ear, "How is Cleo doing tonite?/ Is she ready for Anthony to fuck her good??? And she would continue, Anthony (her strap on) will come and present himself to Cleo's lips and push to fill Cleo up to Anthony's hilt. Anthony would then move in and out and in those moves hit Cleo's "G" spot and have Cleo asking for more fucking. My wife would go on, I know Cleo is a slut and her lips better be ready. If Cleo could really form a moist like pussies form, Cleo would be "raining" her juices. It is interesting to note here that my wife's pussy would get moist and ready to be fucked also. It was such a mental turn on about Anthony fucking Cleo that some times I would let her drive home while I would be fucking Cleo with one of her dildos. My wife would tell me what to do to Cleo while she was driving. She also once fucked herself with her own dildo. That only tiime we almost had an accident. From that piont on, I would still fuck Cleo on the way home but my wife would only drive. Anyway, when we got homne she had her pussy juices flowing.    So, here is where a new sexuasl life really started for me. It would bring me many opportunities to tell what was happening and to give you all an opportunity to comment or to be sexually exited.  We, my wife and I, fuck each other constantly and we, many times, have her three holes filled and my one hole filled. We are also very vocally slutty and we are having a LOT OF SEXUAL FUN. And my wife fucks Cleo, not me. This is my first intent in speaking about us. The story may not be totally clear and jumpy. I hope to do better next time. I would like to explore more my ass fucking activities. Cleopatra has about three regular boy friends that each bring their own kind of pleasure. Both my wife and I feel that naming my boy pussy and her strap on has brought a nicer dimension to our love making. Comments are welcome and if possible I will reply here on these pages. Please forgive any mispellings

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After Blowing Her Tight Ass

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