He took some free time and had sex with a stranger

He took some free time and had sex with a stranger

One Monday morning, a very light trickle from a closed bathroom faucet had turned into a steady flow. Not wanting to receive a hefty water bill, I decided that action finally needed to be taken. After contacting my boss to explain my situation, my boss told me to take the day off, fix the problem, and enjoy a relaxing day, once my plumbing dilemma had been sorted out. Having put in a lot of extra time at work in the preceding months, my boss further added that I had earned the day off.A neighbour supplied me with the number for ‘Best Plumbers,’ and made the call shortly after. A female voice answered the phone, took my details, and said that the plumber would be around in the next half an hour. Upon hearing my doorbell, I opened the front door and almost began to laugh. The perfect cliché we all have in our minds, where plumbers are concerned, stood before me. He had a rough demeanour, was bulky and unshaven, and wore a two piece blue overall, with a white T-shirt in sore need of a wash.“Hi, I’m Pier,” he grunted.“Hi, I’m Zane,” I replied. “Please come in.” After entering I asked if his name was of French origin, believing it to be spelt, ‘Pierre.’“No it’s Pier,” he stated, verbally spelling his name.“That’s very unusual,” I answered.“Well, my name is actually Pierpont… don’t ask… It was my dad’s stupid idea, but everyone just calls me Pier,” he replied. I showed Pier through to the bathroom, where we settled on a price for the job.“May I pay you via electronic transfer?” I inquired.“Well… actually… no, I prefer cash,” was his apologetic reply.“No problem,” I responded. “There is a cash dispensing machine down the road, where I can draw the money.”“Cool,” he announced.I wasn’t really concerned about leaving him in my home, as I had nothing of real value in the house. Before he retrieved his toolbox from his pickup, I showed him my coffee machine, and told him to make himself at home once the job was done. Ten minutes later when I returned Pier was seated in the lounge, with coffee next to him, and reading a newspaper. Not wanting to appear unsocial, I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat opposite him.“You gay?” he asked.Only then did my eyes focus on the newspaper he was reading. ‘Oh shit,’ I thought. Pier was reading one of my gay newspapers.“Yes… I’m gay,” I replied.“Cool,” he answered, shrugging indifferently.Indulging in general chitchat, Pier seemed very comfortable and relaxed. Deciding to move things along, I eventually arose to pay him.“Tell you what,” he said, as I was about to hand over the money, “The job was smaller than I thought, so I have decided to give you a fifty per cent discount.” After settling my bill I thanked him, before returning to my seat. “Of course,” he continued, “One favour deserves another.”“And what would that favour be?” I asked puzzled.“I’d like you to suck my cock,” he stated boldly.“Huh… What?” I countered, dumbstruck.“Thing is… buddy of mine told me that only gay guys know how to suck dick. My girlfriend… all my girlfriends, have been totally useless at it. I just want to see if my buddy was right.” He stated nonchalantly.“Are you serious?” I blurted out, totally gobsmacked.“Sure… I know I’m not much to look at, but most people never get to see my best feature,” he said rubbing his crotch. I sat there looking at him like a demented idiot, before he continued, “You won’t be sorry bro… I really have a nice tool.”“Is this a practical joke?” I asked, completely bewildered.“Nah… you’re gay, right? So what the fuck! I’ll show you my knob, and if you like it we can both have some fun,” he said, gesturing with open arms. Again I just stared at him like a fool. Pier got up and moved towards me. A foot away, he looked down at me and asked, “Yes, or no bro?”Looking up at him like a guppy, I nodded my head, completely dazed and totally intrigued. Pier removed his jacket and threw it to one side, before unbuttoning his trousers. Pushing his pants down, he placed his right hand in his underpants and massaged his genitals. Pier then pulled his underpants down to under his balls and with his tackle on full display, stood proudly with his hands on his hips. ‘Fuck me, he is spot on, he has a magnificent cock!’ I thought. Getting to my knees I began to fondle and lick his balls. His pungent crotch odour was delectable, and as I licked I inhaled the splendour of his masculinity. The intoxicating aroma almost made me convulse with lust. I couldn’t wait to unleash the hooded bouquet from his foreskin, awaiting my olfactory senses.‘Take your time,’ I kept reminding myself, ‘Don’t rush.’ Slowly, I began working my way up his shaft, to ever increasing groans from above. ‘Easy, take it easy,’ I intoned in my mind, ‘the foreskin unveiling will soon be at hand.’ I was shivering with anticipation as his hands began massaging my head. I couldn’t wait any longer, and had to liberate the musty smell from under his hood. Tugging the foreskin down, Pier’s cock-head started to immerge. A tentative sniff assured me that I had hit the jackpot. I smeared the delicious moisture under my nostrils.‘Why the fuck has no one ever produced and marketed a product that smells like this?’ I ruminated. Unaware of my joy, Pier impatiently began seeking my mouth. Having fulfilled my own pleasure, I now turned my attention to his fantasy. Gently he began entering my mouth, deeper and deeper, as I adjusted to the ever increasing girth. His hands held my head firmly, but calmly, as his incursion took place. Relaxing my throat I allowed him full access, to sighs of pleasure from him.Balls deep, I heard utters of, “Ooooh, aaaaah, fuck yeah bro, this is fucking awesome.” I had expected a throat basher, but Pier surprised me with his relaxed demeanour. Withdrawing slightly, he allowed me air, before again pushing all the way in and holding still for several seconds. After repeating this procedure a few more times, Pier slowly began a rhythmic motion, as he toyed with my head while face-fucking me. After pulling his underpants down all the way, my hands clamped onto his butt cheeks. Every so often he would again hold still, before recommencing his gentle thrusting. Throughout, contented sighs oozed from him.Moving my hands further around his backside, my middle fingers located his manhole. As I began circling his pucker with my fingers, there was a momentary pause. I simply continued, and shortly his hip action ensued.Pulling his cock out of my mouth he said, “Let’s get rid of my pants.” Pier removed his boots and socks, followed by his trousers and underpants. I simultaneously removed the spit stained t-shirt I was wearing, before lubricating my fingers. As he again plugged into my face, I was able to move my right hand between his legs, due to his widened stance. My middle finger again located his rosebud, before I intensified my finger action, flicking to and fro. When I began inse
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rting my finger into him, his grip on my head loosened.“Fuck bro, I’m not sure about this,” he whimpered.Clamping his hips with my left arm, I suctioned onto his dick tightly, ignoring his protest. As my finger got a steady rhythm going in his manhole, his grip again started tightening on my head. Horny groans began to emanate from above. Removing my middle finger, I ran it around my thumb, before inserting the upgraded lubricated digit. Again there was a momentary pause, but no further protest. As Pier’s natural lubrication increased, my thumb really got to work.‘I want to fuck this arse, I’m going to fuck this arse,’ I thought.After dislodging my mouth from his knob I looked up at him. “I want to rim you,” I stated.“What?” he asked.“Rim you, lick your butt hole,” I declared. The look of dilemma on his face was priceless. “I promise you will love it Pier. If you don’t, I will stop immediately,” I pledged, before continuing, “Just bend over the back of the sofa, and let’s give it a go.”After moving my body upwards, I gently began steering a dazed looking Pier towards the sofa. I encouraged him to bend over, and place his elbows on the back of the couch. As I instructed him to widen his stance, I pushed my shorts and underpants down, and kicked them to the side. Kneeling behind him I observed Pier’s hairy bubble-butt. My hand was itching to smack him on his fleshy arse, but I resisted, not wanting to startle him. Pulling his cheeks apart I sniffed. The incredible smell of his crevice sent my hormones into overdrive. I dove straight in, licking his hole with lusty eagerness. Up, down, round and round, my tongue explored his love-knot, over and over again.“Aaah, aaaaaah, fuuuck, yes bro, oh fuck yeah,” he intoned. As my tongue began to spear into him, I could feel his body trembling.I was priming this bunny for an anal invasion, and he was totally oblivious. ‘Life just doesn’t get better than this!’ I reflected. After a few minutes I arose, informing him that I was going to use my thumb again. After groaning his approval, my thumb entered him seconds later. As I worked his butt, groans of consent emanated from Pier. What Pier didn’t see, however, was how I was lubricating my dick with my other hand. Fortunately, I produce tons of pre-cum, and so my knob was becoming slimy and slick.Slowly removing my thumb, I replaced it with the head of my cock. As I began smearing my dick- head against his entrance, Pier began to object. “Relax buddy, I’m just massaging your hole.” I informed him. When I felt his tension abate, I again began to nudge. Sensing his body lifting, my left hand intensified its downward pressure on his back. “Relax, you’ll love this massage,” I assured him soothingly. As I intensified my prodding, I could feel the head of my cock nudging its way into his manhole.As the head of my knob entered completely, he began to moan. “Ow, that’s sore bro,” he admonished me. Again I held still.‘Jesus, there is nothing like a tight virgin cunt,’ I thought. I kept massaging his back as I initiated the next push. ‘A little more, that’s it, just take it easy, push gently… another inch, fuck yes,’ I chanted mentally.Pier began to grunt and groan as my jabbing intensified. Gradually, as the constriction on my dick diminished, I completely conquered his manhole. I again held still for a short while before asking, “Must I pull out?”He uttered a very faint, “No.”“Are you sure, bro?” I questioned.A feeble, “Yes,” followed.“Do you want me to fuck you?”“Mmmm… yes, please, please fuck me,” he stammered timidly.No second invitation was needed. I began thrusting, gently at first, ever increasing my intensity. As I reached full throttle the cock-hound began to grunt like a whore. “Are you enjoying this,” I asked.“Yes, fuck me harder,” he began demanding over and over. Minutes later when I shot my load, he was almost convulsing with pleasure. Pier had also begun tugging his dick manically, and once I withdrew from him, I fell to my knees to receive his eruption. Never before, had I ever experienced anyone who could gush like Pier. It was like a fucking volcano exploding into my mouth. After our session I offered him a beer.“No thanks, if I get a call it’s not good to arrive at a job with booze on your breath. Then after a brief reflection he said, “Fuck it, I’ve got mints in the pickup… why the fuck not.”Again we sat in the lounge, me naked, and him still wearing his t-shirt. After a while he said, “My girlfriend always accuses me of being a sex maniac. I’m always randy.”“Do I hear another request on the way?” I asked.Smiling broadly he answered, “Well… you fucked me, don’t I get a turn?”“Sure, but one good favour deserves another ‘” I answered.“And what would that favour be?” He asked, chuckling.“Well, I only allow people to fuck me if there is passion involved” I answered.As the mirth vanished from his face he looked at me with a puzzled expression, before inquiring, “What do you mean by passion?”“Kissing, bro, major oral actions… full-on lip locking.” I retorted.“Whew, I don’t really think I’m into that bro, that’s a step too far for me,” he answered uncomfortably.Getting up I walked over to him and said, “Well, those are my conditions, buddy.” Staring down at him I continued, “Yes, or no bro?”As Pier looked up at me uncomfortably, the dilemma of his face was magnificent.“Get up buddy,” I exclaimed. “Have I let you down thus far?”Once on his feet he sheepishly replied, “No.”Moving in I gripped hold of his head. For the first time he offered real resistance, but I persevered. I hunted down his mouth as my hands told hold of his head. When we finally locked lips, he still resisted me for several seconds. My insistent tongue, however, finally triumphed. As his challenge dissolved, the change of direction from him was incredible, and soon he was practically eating the skin off my face. After falling onto the sofa we went at it like two horny teenagers, kissing for the first time. Eventually, moving through to the bedroom his t-shirt finally got pulled from his body, and when I fell backwards onto the bed and lifted my legs up, he pounced on my body.“I’m going to make you pay,” he said, sniggering.“Fuck the shit out of me,” I replied. And he did.Apparently, his earlier aversion to kissing no longer presented a problem, as his mouth attacked my lips. Pier humped my backside with fervour and meaning, as he battered into me. He was finally showing me his masculine dominance. As we wrestled and grappled, Pier thumped my arse with total supremacy. After he finally came, he rolled onto the bed next to me, panting like a triumphant warrior in a state of bliss.Curling up next to him, I began lapping his armpit in a demonstration of submission. As he lay there I moved from one armpit to the other, before servicing his cock and balls. Rumbling sounds of satisfaction reverberated throughout the room.  

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