He asks her to passionately lick her vagina to get aroused

He asks her to passionately lick her vagina to get aroused

"William, honey, you're amazing. I mean most men would have cum two or three times by now!" she said as they lay together following her second tremendous orgasm of the night."Well, I just like to make sure my partner has as much fun as I do," he said. Ruth giggled, "Yeah, but baby, you are paying for me...you should get yours too sometime tonight!" she replied."Oh, I will, I'm sure. I'm not worried about it, I'm having fun with you just like this!" he said, smiling."I am too, darling. More than you know. It's so nice to have someone who cares about my feelings and doesn't treat me like... like a whore," she said.William pulled her face to his and kissed her again. "Sweetheart you are not a whore... not to me. To me, you are a wonderful, sexy, attractive woman. Sure, you are in the 'entertainment industry', but that doesn't make you a whore. "You are only a whore if you think you are. And tonight, I don't want you thinking you are with me," he said."William, you're going to make me cry again!" she said. He pulled her close and held her. "I am so glad you stopped in front of my corner tonight. I would hate to have missed out on this.""I am too honey," he said.The two lay there in each other's arms for several more precious minutes. Then Ruth sat up and turned to him with a smile. "Okay stud, this has been wonderful, it really has, but it's time you got your cum!" she said. "Now scoot over here to the edge of the bed." William moved to the edge of the bed. Ruth got between his spread knees. and leaned forward a bit. She placed his hard cock in the valley between her tits and used her massive melons to hold him there."Ever had a tit job, baby?" she asked."No. How does this work? I've never done a titty-fuck before," William said."You just relax, lover, and let me take care of you," Ruth told him.He looked at his cock, lying deep in her cleavage. It was an amazing sight, her massive tits completely enveloping his cock with just the purple head peeking out from between the two fleshy pillows.She placed her hands on the outer sides of her tits and pressed them together, trapping his raging hard-on between them. She started sliding up and down his cock, spitting into the valley between her tits to lubricate his cock as she rocked back and forth on her knees."How does that feel?" she asked hopefully."My God, Ruth, that's fucking incredible!" he said enthusiastically.Ruth seemed pleased and encouraged. "Yeah, baby!" she said. "Fuck my titties! Fuck them good!" She was grinning and her eyes were twinkling. She spat again to make his cock slide easier in her channel.She pumped up and down harder and faster, in response to his praise. William had never felt anything like this before. He watched mesmerized as his shaft plowed the channel between her enormous tits. "Oh, fuck Ruth, this is awesome!" he said.William felt his pleasure building higher and higher as she kept sliding up and down, his cock buried in her cleavage. But she seemed to want to be a more active participant in the proceedings. She tucked her chin down to her chest and pursed her lips. Her mouth could almost reach his cock head as it got close to her face. Not one to pass up a good thing, she lengthened her stroke and managed to reach the tip of his cock with her pouty lips.She brushed her mouth against the raging purple head of his hard aching cock. The feeling was incredible, and William moaned loudly as she worked continued to pump, faster and harder, and further up and down his shaft trying to get it into her mouth to suck it. Each time she slid down his pole, she got a little more of her lips onto the swelling cock head. After ten or fifteen strokes, she was getting most of the head in her mouth on each downstroke. Then she started using her tongue, swirling it and licking it each time around. William, lost in his lusts now, felt his balls tighten and the blood rushing in his ears. Ruth smiled; this was definitely working!"Oh fuck honey! Oh my God, this is... ohhh!" he moaned his words beginning to fail him.William's brain, clouded by the unbelievable sensations that were bombarding it, stopped trying to evaluate and interpret this new scenario, and he simply lay back on the bed and let her do what she would to him. She didn't disappoint either; he had already given her two marvelous and wonderful orgasms, which is more than she had gotten from any of her other boyfriends who were just out to get their own satisfaction. Ruth wanted to find some way to thank him for his consideration and for treating her like she mattered; like she wasn't just an expensive blow-up sex doll.She continued pumping up and down his rigid shaft, nestled as it was in her slick wet valley. Each time the swollen purple head got close enough to her warm sucking mouth, inhaled the engorged member, licking it and sucking on it. William was also dimly aware of her soft, beautiful face, doing its best to bestow pleasure on his sensitive cock."Oh fuck honey, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" he said, warning her and giving her time to decide what to do about his impending explosion. With this being the first time he was with a hooker like Ruth, he wasn't sure how she wanted to handle him cumming. But she took it right in stride."Oh yes, baby cum on my tits! The girls want to feel you cum on them! Feed the girls, baby! Feed them your sweet, warm, delicious cum!" she cried, pumping harder and faster.William did just that, his cock lurching and, spasming before it spat out the first of several huge jets of hot, sticky white cum onto her chest and face. The first one shot in an arc up over her face, the furthest reaches of it reaching into her hair and leaving a trail across her face to her chin and the last of that jet landing on her tits. The second jet was more controlled landing mostly on her chest. The third and fourth coated her tits in creamy goo and the last feeble squirt filled in the valley between her mountainous tits. William lay there on the bed as Ruth sat back on her haunches smiling at him, quite pleased with herself even though her face was covered with his cum and his white seed slid slowly down her chest. She rubbed his cum into her tits as quickly as she could before it cooled and jelled. "I love wearing a man's cum! I think it's so hot and personal. I don't wear everyone who cums on me, but I definitely wanted to wear your's baby," she said.William just lay there, delirious, a big goofy grin on his face, while his cock continued to throb, slowly leaking the rest of his load of creamy white cum onto the sheets."Ooh, we don't want to waste the good stuff!" Ruth said and she moved forward to take him into her mouth, sucking the last few drops of his cum from him and licking and sucking him clean. She managed to get about a half a mouthful of his cum before he was totally depleted and she swallowed it down. "Mmm, yummy!" she said with a smile.After a few minutes, William came to his senses and propped himself up on his elbows. "Thanks, Ruth, honey! That was fantastic!" he said."Glad you liked it. But I hope we aren't done playing just yet!" she said."Not even close, baby. Just give me a few minutes to recover and we'll find something else to do! There's one more hole I've yet to explore if you are up for it," he said."Darlin' I thought you'd never ask!" she said, winking and smiling at him."William, sweetheart, would it be all right if I took a soak in your tub while we wait for your friend to get his strength back? You see, my trailer only has a shower and it's a small one at that. It has been so long since I took a bath..." she asked."Sure honey, go on in and enjoy yourself," he said. Ruth bounced into the bathroom and drew herself a nice hot bath. She used the complimentary bubble bath from the hotel and when the water was nice and deep, she slid into the warm, relaxing tub. Ohhh this is soo nice! she thought, smiling. She laid back and closed her eyes...A few minutes later she heard the bathroom door open. William came in and sat down on the side of the tub next to her. "Looks like someone is having a nice time!" he said."Oh, I am. This is wonderful! Thank you for letting me use your tub. It's lovely," she said smiling up at him."Need someone to scrub your back, doll?" he said with a mischievous grin. He was still naked and she looked up at him and smiled scooting forward. William climbed into the tub behind her and laid back against the tub. Ruth laid back on him and he wrapped her in his arms. She sighed happily and laid there in her dreamy heaven as he squeezed warm water over her from the big bath sponge. He played with her tits and nipples as she moaned and mewled her delight."You just lay back and relax and let the magic tub take away all the stresses of your day..." he said. He cupped her giant tits in his hand using his thumbs to rub over her hard nipples and his fingertips curled into the meaty flesh. Ruth moaned louder and held his arms to her with her hands, loving how he was making her feel. "Oh, William... oh God, baby, this feels wonderful... you are wonderful. I could stay in these arms forever darling," she cooed."Then why don't you?" he asked, cautiously testing the waters.Ruth immediately sat up. "What?" she asked turning around to face him."I mean... for the weekend... if you want to," he said, wondering if he'd just blown the whole night's fun."You want me to stay with you for the whole weekend?" she asked, blown away by what he was asking."Yes, I do. Look, tomorrow is Friday and I'm sure that my team is going to want to make a short day of it. I will probably be back home here before you go to work anyway. "And I don't have anything planned for the weekend–I don't know anyone really here and I don't go out drinking and partying. I would just be here sitting in this room watching the TV of something meaningless, anyway," he said."William, sweetheart, as much as I would love to stay right here in this tub with your big strong arms wrapped around me like this, I can't darling. I need to get my ass out there and earn some money tomorrow night. I have a landlord who isn't very forgiving when
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it comes to his rent money!" she said."Ruth, how much do you make on average on a Friday night?" he asked."It depends on if it's a good night. I can make anywhere from a 100.00 on a slow night to 300-400 if the night is hopping... why?" she asked."I will cover your 'hopping Friday nights' earnings if you will stay the whole weekend with me. How does $500.00 sound?" he asked."William, darling, did you forget that you already promised me $300 for tonight?" she asked."No I didn't forget," he said."And you want to give me another $500 if I stay the weekend?" she asked."That's right. Like I said money, is no object," he said, "My company is doing very well and I make quite a good living doing what I do. "Ruth, I'll be honest with you, I get tired of being here in this hotel room all by myself  And I am really tired of watching that damn television. I would like to have an intelligent conversation with someone. I am too shy and awkward in social settings to go out and find someone. "That's why when I was coming home and saw you on the corner, I had Paul stop. I figured that at least for a little while I would have someone to talk with. Another person to talk with besides my business associates."Besides, I feel really comfortable with you for some reason. Other than those initial few moments when we met and I was falling over my tongue, I have gotten to feel very much at ease with you. I enjoy talking with you and being with you," he said."And I enjoy being here with you, too, William. I would love to spend the weekend with you darling. And I promise you that this will be a weekend you won't forget!" she said."Well you've already given me a night I won't forget... and that night isn't even over yet!" William said leaning down to kiss her neck."Mmmm..." Ruth moaned as he kissed her neck. William took that as a sign she wanted him to continue and he kissed her again moving up her neck to nibble on her earlobe. Ruth tipped her head to the side to let him have access to her soft neck while she reached up with her hand to play with the hair on the back of his head. William's hands continued to entertain themselves with her tits.As Ruth and William enjoyed their bathtime, she noticed that he was starting to get hard again. "I think your friend is waking up honey!" she said. She reached behind her and felt his cock getting hard and erect once more. She gave his cock a squeeze and giggled when it twitched in her hand. She sat up and turned around to straddle his hips as he lay in the tub. She put her arms around his neck and looked him straight in the eyes."William, sweetheart, this is going to sound a little strange coming from someone in my line of work, but you really make me horny, baby. I know what you're thinking; 'she says the same thing to all her boyfriends' but that isn't true. And if I did, it wouldn't matter. I really mean it with you. "I don't normally get turned on by my boyfriends... being a street whore kinda takes the fun out of sex, you know? But being treated like a real woman for a change has made me actually want to have sex with you. "It's really kind of funny... I have sex all the time but I don't enjoy it. And then a guy like you comes along and all of a sudden all I want to do is fuck! You are really an amazing guy!" she said."Well, I don't know about the 'amazing guy' part, I just treat you like you should be treated all the time. It doesn't matter what your chosen profession is, you are still a woman–a very hot, very beautiful woman. "And as far as the other part, well I can't have a sexy, beautiful HORNY woman go unfulfilled–what kind of a host would I be? So perhaps we should take care of that little detail?" he asked."I'm all yours, lover!" she said. She moved forward and gave him a kiss before sitting back up. The pair stood up in the tub as it was draining out and rinsed the soap off their bodies (he took a little extra "care" rinsing her off!) and then they stepped out of the tub to dry off. When they were sufficiently dried off, William took her by the hand, walking with her back into the bedroom again. He led her over to the side of the bed and then took her in his arms once more. He gave her another deep, hard kiss, taking her breath away with her moans.When she tapped his arm lightly he knew she needed to breathe and he broke the kiss. "William! You keep... taking my breath away... each time to do that!" she panted. He grinned. "It should take your breath away when you are kissed. That's the sign that the kiss meant something! If it doesn't take your breath away, what's the point?" he said."So what are you going to do to me now lover-boy?" she asked. He turned her to face the bed. "Lay down on the bed baby and I'll show you!" he said. "I want that big beautiful ass now!" he said."Ooh yes! I love a hard thick cock in my ass! Yes, fuck my big whore ass baby! Fuck it deep and hard!" she said, scrambling to get into position. She laid on the bed, fully expecting him to climb on top and shove his cock deep into her still hungry pussy. But he had a different idea. He lifted her ankles up over her head, spreading her legs wide. Ruth watched him lowering his face to her pussy. she inhaled knowing that once his tongue touched her pussy she would lose what breath she had in her lungs.He spread her knees wider and then placed a hand on each ass cheek spreading them apart. But this time, instead of going after her pussy, his aim was a few inches lower! "OH GOD WILLIAM! Oh, baby you're... you're rimming my asshole! Oh, fuck! Yes baby, please, please eat my ass! Oh, fuck me, that feels so wonderful! Yes! Yes!" she moaned loudly.She reached between her legs and started playing with her swollen, sensitive clit.William started by licking across the whole area around her crinkled hole with the flat of his tongue. He wanted to make sure the whole area was caressed with his tongue and at the same time, he wanted her arousal to spike before 'the act' actually happened. Ruth moaned each time his tongue ran over her asshole. She pushed her ass back asking for more.More was exactly what he wanted to give her too. After a couple more licks, he puckered his lips and gave her asshole a kiss.Ruth's little anus clenched at the touch of his lips. He smiled at the reaction. It was like her ass was giving him a kiss back. She let out another soft moan again when he laid his lips on her tight hole. She was extremely aroused by what he was doing. As much as William wanted to start licking her tight hole right then, he chose to continue teasing her for a bit more.William licked at the top of her crack while keeping her butt cheeks open with his hands. He moved down but did not lick her asshole this time. Instead, he moved around and licked the areas between her cheeks. Ruth's moaning and clitoral stroking intensified as his tongue danced across her ass crack. He licked everywhere between those cheeks except her asshole. He enjoyed the touch of her skin on his tongue. It was warm and smooth in texture. "Baby, your ass is the most delicious ass I've ever eaten!" William complimented her.That statement turned Ruth on. She liked the fact he thought her ass was beautiful. And she knew he wasn't just saying that–she could sense the sincerity in his voice.William stuck his tongue out and was ready to resume rimming her. He only had one focus now–Ruth's pink little asshole. That's the only thing that existed for him at that moment. He gave her some more wide licks as she stroked her clitoris faster now. Her moans increased in frequency as well as intensity. He pushed his tongue against her asshole firmly as he licked harder.He wasn't trying to tongue fuck her, not just yet. He was just trying to get her sphincter muscle to relax first by massaging it with his tongue. William took his time, working slowly and deliberately, as he rubbed his tongue against her asshole. William gave her asshole a couple more licks before he changed things up a bit. Instead of licking around the whole sphincter area, he now concentrated more on her anus itself.He began to circle his tongue around the rim of her asshole. He started on the outer portion. The more he circled, the more the tip of his tongue moved inward. Again, he did not try to force his tongue in quite yet. Patience and teasing would be the key here. He rubbed the tip at her asshole, giving it an affectionate massage with his tongue.Ruth's moans and whimpers were her way of begging for more. William did this for a few minutes and then stopped for a moment. When she whimpered wanting more, he gave her little asshole a sensual kiss and returned to wide licks. Ruth stroked her clitoris faster as she frantically moaned,"Oh, fuck! Fuck! William, please!"He could sense that Ruth was going to cum in a few more licks. He was happy that she was enjoying the rimjob, but he had a few more surprises in store for her yet. Because of all the licking up to this point, Ruth's tight little anus had been relaxing. It wasn't so defensive towards his invading tongue now. He decided that it was time. Just when she thought this couldn't get any better, he formed his tongue into a hard little penis and shoved it up her ass, forcing as much of it as he could in there. She cried out from the sudden anal penetration. This did her in. He wiggled his tongue around as she came. Her asshole clenched and relaxed in a repeating fashion around his tongue. Her moans were so intense that he thought she was crying at first.Ruth's only concern at the moment she came was the physical stimulation and the kinky feeling of knowing that his tongue was exploring her most forbidden place. With a few more cries of pleasure, Ruth finally ceased and her whole body relaxed. She was panting heavily from the strong orgasm she had. Her panting and soft moaning were the only sounds within the room. William reached between her legs to find her hand. The moment he felt it, he held onto it gently while kissing her quivering anus.Ruth sighed with contentment."Oh my God honey, that was amazing!""It's just the beginning. Let's change up the positions a bit," William said. 

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