Nicu Releases The Little Booty Of An Attractive And Sexy Blonde

Nicu Releases The Little Booty Of An Attractive And Sexy Blonde

Maria shuffled from side to side, trying in vain to rub away the residual sting from the hard hand spanking Gabriella, her future mother-in-law, had just given her. The woman had hands of steel, thought Maria. She still couldn’t quite believe the situation she found herself in – agreeing to a ‘preparation’ spanking from each of the women present at this special “family only” hen’s night, before her wedding to Gabriella’s youngest son, Anthony, was allowed to proceed. She would certainly learn the true meaning of a ‘vow of obedience’ by the end of tonight, she thought ruefully. “That’s enough rubbing,” said Stella, the wife of Anthony’s oldest brother. “Don’t waste it all on what was, after all, just a warm up” she reminded Maria. “Now we’ll move onto to your introduction to the first of the spanking implements you will be presenting to Anthony on your wedding night.” Stella reached towards a table behind the sofa she was sitting on, and produced a large, silver-backed hairbrush. It was the kind you would have seen your grandmother use to brush out her hair, the kind of heirloom that normally you’d be pleased was being passed down through the generations to you. But Maria knew that Stella was not going to be using this brush on her hair, but rather on her bottom. Instinctively, she moved her hands back to cover her still throbbing butt cheeks. “Natalie, you’ll be glad this one is being passed on now to Maria. I understand Carlo has been making good use of it, especially since Anthony got engaged and he knew he’d be handing it over soon!” mused Stella to one of her sisters-in-law. Natalie was the wife of Anthony’s brother, Carlo. They had been married for just under two years, and Maria knew that Carlo and Anthony were particularly close. Natalie snorted with laughter. “Oh yes, I’m happy to see the last of Grandma Capello’s old hairbrush,” she agreed. Turning to Maria, Natalie continued “I don’t envy you, Maria. It’s got quite a sting to it, not to mention decent coverage. If you’re lucky, Anthony will save it for ‘special occasions’!” Maria’s eyes widened, as she watched Stella stroke the back of the large hairbrush in anticipation. Still, she had agreed to this. And she did feel some comfort in that the others were obviously quite familiar with this kind of thing, and didn’t actually seem to overly fazed by it. Maria figured that if she knew how this hairbrush felt now, she’d make damn sure Anthony didn’t have much occasion to use it onc
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e they were wed! “If you’re ready for the next stage, Maria, take your position over my lap,” commanded Stella. Maria mustered her courage and, for the second time that evening, draped herself across another’s lap so she could receive a spanking. “Family tradition is that the hairbrush is always received on the bare,” added Stella. Although Maria’s short dress hardly covered her buttocks anyway, Stella scooped it up over her back, exposing her black silk panties underneath again. Stella and the others admired the blush of pink that was peeking around the edge of Maria’s panties – the result of Gabriella’s earlier ministrations. Then Stella tugged the panties down, over Maria’s buttocks, and halfway down her thighs, leaving her pink bottom totally exposed. Maria felt herself redden as she realized the others now had an even better view of her ass, but she also found the rush of cold air over her throbbing ass actually quite soothing. Before she could enjoy that sensation too much, Stella got to work. She swung the hairbrush hard so it landed with a sharp CRACK across Maria’s left buttock. “Owwww!” yelped Maria. She hadn’t appreciated just how much the hairbrush would sting, especially on her already punished ass. And Natalie was right – the back of the hairbrush felt HUGE as it had smacked down. Stella began to alternate her strokes, covering all of Maria’s ass but concentrating on the lower swell of each buttock, which was soon glowing bright red. ‘How many had that been?’ Maria thought to herself. ‘Thirty…. forty… fifty already?’ It felt like Stella could, and would, go on forever. Maria felt tears streaming down her face, and she began to sob. “Your ass is almost the same colour as your dress now,” laughed Natalie. “I told you it would sting,” she added, as Maria let out another yelp. “Just think of this as a way you can atone for all your previous sins, and start a new life, clean of all that baggage, with Anthony,” she continued. Maria tried to take Natalie’s advice, and try to think of this spanking as a positive thing. After all, she could be a bit of a brat at times. Maybe Anthony taking her in hand now and then wouldn’t be entirely a bad thing. She tried to imagine what it would feel like draped across Anthony’s lap, on his strong thighs, with her ass exposed and at his mercy. And for the first time in the evening, she felt a rush of heat to her core that came from a swell of desire, rather than the warmth of the spanking. To be continued….

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