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Finishing low school was a chore. Everyone had warned about the stress and I thought I could handle it. I had no social life. For three years, I poured every ounce of my soul into my studies and getting that elusive juris prudence degree. Graduation came and went and now the pressure was on to pass the State Bar exam. I was nervous but plunged into studying everything I thought I needed to study to pass it.I took it, with the same amount of nervousness that I had experienced in law school. When the notice appeared in the mail, that I had passed it, I was ecstatic. I celebrated with a few close friends who had been patient with me for three years and for the first time in three years, I got wasted. Fortunately for me, I had good friends who saw to it that I got home safety.I had managed to save up a few dollars over the year, just enough to pay a down payment on am office where I could hang out my shingle. I didn’t want to go to work defending stupid people as a criminal defense attorney and I certainly didn’t want to be a criminal prosecutor and or end doing wills and probate stuff, although I would do them for friends and close associates upon request. I would soon learn, that just because you are an attorney, work doesn’t just flow to your door.I got a couple of cases involving people who had been in car wrecks and soon found a knack at being able to settle those cases with insurance claims people without a whole lot of work. Within a short period of time, I realized my case load was growing and decided that I might need to hire a para-legal to assist with the paperwork and to help with managing my caseload.I placed an ad in the local paper, and after spending money I didn’t really need to spend and getting no quick returns, I turned to the internet and a job placement agency. The first three or four young ladies sent to me had great para-legal experience, but they all wanted a salary I really couldn’t afford. Finally, a friend of a friend of a friend, suggested I interview a young lady that was just about to graduate from a local community college. She was twenty and looking for a job and even though she wasn’t a para-legal, she was, as I was told, eager to learn.Rita knocked on the door to my office. She was a strikingly beautiful young lady with long, curly black hair that reached to the middle of her back and an effervescent smile. I soon leaned she was a mixed race young lady, part Hispanic, part black and with grandparents who were Asian, which accounted for her beautiful skin tone.Rita was dressed pretty conservatively in some very nice jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed off a very svelte figure.I asked her if she had any para-legal skills and she admitted she did not. She was a business major and only came for the job interview because her dad had asked her to do so. As it turned out, her dad was a friend of a client I had first serviced the very first week I had opened my shop. I didn’t know her dad, but I knew his friend and some other folks that Rita mentioned by name. Her references would turn out to be a cornucopia of local business owners.I decided to take a chance on Rita, who seemed ecstatic to have a job that didn’t involve working in the mall or fast-food.“How shall I dress?” she asked as we chatted on the phone a few days later.“Business casual is OK,” I replied. It really didn’t matter to me since she wasn’t going to be meeting a lot of clients face to face. Walk-in traffic to the office was very rare.Rita quickly plugged herself into the job. The lawsuits were boiler-plated, so all she had to do is add in the names and details and then I’d look them over, make the necessary changes and she would file them for me. The same was true for demand letters.She set up a calendar for me to help me keep track of my meetings, due dates and court dates, which I deeply appreciated since I can be a bit scatter-brained. Rita was always on time to work and sometimes she left the office after me.I never paid a lot of attention to Rita and any social life she might have. I assumed she had a boyfriend, as beautiful as she was. Neither of us ever talked about our social life or our friends. The subject simply never came up.Then one day, out of the blue, Rita asked me if I had a girl-friend. I jokingly replied,“No, but if you want to apply, just let me know.”Rita laughed. “Do you think you could handle me?” she asked. “I can be quite moody.”The thought of dating Rita hadn’t really crossed my feeble mind. She was certainly very pretty and she had a great work ethic.“I can be quite demanding,” I replied.Rita smiled. “Tell me something I don’t already know,” she quickly shot back.“I’m six years older than you,” I quickly replied.“That only works in high school,” Rita shot back.“OK,” I replied, “But there are sexual harassment laws and I don’t want you suing me.”Rita laughed. “You don’t have anything worth suing for,” she replied.She was right. She kept my books and she knew I was living case by case.“OK,” I replied, “Let me think about it and I’ll get back with you.”That was my standard line anytime someone approached me, wanting free legal help.“Don’t take too long,’ Rita replied, sauntering off to her desk to work on some files.That night, I couldn’t get Rita out of my head. I had certainly taken notice of her physical attributes and found her very attractive but didn’t dare cross the professional lines to socialize of get to know her on a personal level. Her inquiry made me evaluate a few things. Through law school, I had forced myself to ignore women. I had goals and didn’t want to get bogged down with distractions. I still had goals, but now things were much different.I decided to ask Rita if she would like to go out to lunch. It would be a bold step, one I hadn’t taken in years, but I figured I owed myself that one guilty pleasure to at least try and be more sociable.I went in the work early and around eight, I heard Rita step into the office. She saw my office light on and asked if I was there.“Yes,” I replied. “When you get settled in, come in and let’s chat.”I was a bit nervous. I looked at some of the demand letters she had prepared the night before and made some minor corrections and additions.Suddenly, Rita cleared her throat and I looked up to see her standing in front of my desk. On most days, Rita wore either some nice business-casual slacks or designer jeans to work. On this day, she was attired in modestly short skirt, cut several inches above her knees and stiletto heels. Her button-down blouse had the top two buttons fashionably unfastened – which allowed a little sneak peak at her cleavage. She sported a pearl drop necklace and matching ear rings. Her long curly black hair, which she normally tied back in a pony tail, fell gently on her shoulders.“Wow,” I remarked as I looked up at her. “You dress up well.”“Just for you,” Rita replied, a smile crossing her angelic face. She made her way around my desk without saying anything else. She leaned up against the edge of my desk and then slid herself on to the top of it, her short back dress inching its way up her well-toned and stockingless thighs as she parted her legs in a very obviously suggestive manner, her stilettoed feet hanging a few inches off the floor. She inched her way across my desk, pushing some of the papers out of the way as I leaned back in my office chair.“I was going to ask you out to lunch,” I said. Three years of pent up emotions s
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uddenly welled up inside of my pants.“Lunch sounds good,” Rita replied, flipping a lock of her hair back over her shoulder as she looked at me from her perch on my desk.“I’m thinking a late breakfast or brunch might be better,” I quickly shot back.“So, what do you have in mind?” Rita asked.I scooted my leather-backed chair closer my desk. I placed my hand on Rita’s bare knee and gently worked my pointing finger back and forth.“I don’t know,” I cautiously replied, inching my hand up her bare leg.Rita took in a deep breath and then forced out an exhale.“We could have lunch in the office,” Rita replied. “Shall I order something, or do you have something else in mind?”“Actually,”, I replied, slipping my hand off her thigh and down to her bare calf, where I gripped it as I looked up at her. “Lunch might have to wait, as I just realized I had an unexpected appointment.”I could tell by the blank look on her face that she was thinking, “Did I miss something?”I forced myself between her legs, spreading them, as I placed my hands on the outside of her thighs.“I think I have a private investigation that needs to be undertaken,” I said, inching my hands upwards, along the outside of her bare legs, and up and under the leading edge and cover of her skirt.“Do tell,” Rita replied, leaning back and placing her hands on the top of my desk, as I pushed her skirt upwards, revealing the soft white cotton panties she had on. I could immediately tell she was very turned on by the dampness of her panties and the fact that they seemed to outline her very moist vaginal area.“I’m thinking,” I continued, as I inched my fingers up her thighs towards her erogenous area, “the investigation might take some time, so we might want to plan lunch for afterwards.”Rita took in another deep breath and then forcibly exhaled, as I pressed against her wet panties with a finger.“In fact,” I said, slipping my finger in past the elastic of her panties, “I’m one hundred per cent for sure the investigation will take a while.”Rita closed her eyes as I pushed my finger along the edge of her vagina.“You know,” I whispered, “you could probably help in the investigation.”“What should I do?” Rita replied breathlessly as I probed her vagina with my finger.“You could probably remove your underwear,” I whispered.“That might be a dangerous thing to do,” Rita whispered back.“But it is the only way,” I countered, “I can conduct a thorough enough of an investigation.”“So, what are we investigating, Mr. Counselor?” Rita shot back as I toyed with her clit.“I’m not one hundred percent for sure,” I replied, as I increased my pressure on her clit. Rita shuddered.“But, I have to be very thorough in things,” I replied.Rita took in another deep breath and exhaled. She arched her buttocks off my desk, allowing me to slip her soaking wet panties down her thighs and off her legs. She placed her stiletto-spiked shoes on to the edges of the arm rests of my office chair, her legs spread, and giving me an unabated view of her pussy.I used a lone finger to gently tickle the folds of her vagina.“You keep that up,” Rita whispered, “and I won’t be responsible for anything that happens.”I snickered. “Is the front door locked?” I asked.“Of course,” I she replied. “I’m not stupid.”I stood up and unbuttoned my shirt. I unfastened my trousers and allowed them to drop to the floor. I sat back in the chair and pulled off my shoes and then my trousers. There was no hiding of the obvious excitement that had formed in my underwear.Rita unbuttoned her button-down shirt, biting down on her lip as she did so. I didn’t see her biting as nervousness, but anticipation. She slipped out of her shirt and quickly abandoned her brassiere as well, bearing two well-formed and luscious C-cup breasts with bolt-on nipples perched on top of them.She took in a deep breath and exhaled, her eyes closed, as she slipped her fingers and thumbs over her nips and gently applied some pressure to them. Rita had a super nice figure and a very flat abdomen with a diamond studded navel piecing. I helped her out of her skirt. A small, thin, closely-cropped patch of curly black pubic hair, pointed to her golden honey pot. She used two fingers to spread open the lips of her vagina as she continued to bite down on her lower lip.I stood up and slipped off my underwear, my nine-inch steel rod arching upwards.“Oh my God!” Rita remarked upon seeing the size of my manhood. The head of my circumcised cock was already leaking fluids. Rita leaned back on the desk, her legs spread and waited for me to make the first probative move.I gently worked my manhood along the outer folds of her vagina, watching her Rita for her reactions. What I had thought was anticipation, really wasn’t. She was nervous.“Are you a virgin?” I asked, as I rubbed the head of my cock along the outside of her vagina.“No,” Rita replied. “I’ve had a couple of boyfriends, but it has been a while.”I slipped the head of my manhood into her vagina, parting the outer bands, but not going in all the way. Her eyes widened.“Are you ready?” I asked.“I’m getting there,” she replied. I could sense some worry.“Are you on the pill?” I asked.“Yes,” she replied. “but I’m just not ready.”I dropped to my knees and leaned in with my head. I gently kissed her pubic area and then used my tongue to try and stimulate her, flickering it across her hooded clit, then alternating into a sucking action, all while probing her vagina with my fingers.It didn’t take a lot of work, just time and time was something I had plenty of. I worked my way up her body with kisses, stopping to pay special attention to her mammaries. When I planted a light kiss on her neck, she shuddered. I pushed her hair back and ran my tongue up under her left ear. I whispered into her ear,“Do you want it?”She dug her manicured finger nails into my back.“Yes!” she replied.“Put me in you,” I whispered.She grabbed my manhood and pushed the head of my cock into her vagina. She was soaking wet. It was a tight fit at first, but then suddenly the walls of her vagina loosened their vice-like grip and welcomed my probative tool. My pubic bone crashed into hers and I exploded after only two or three quick thrusts.Rita had a death grip on my shoulders. She shook and shuddered, and grunted, as I emptied everything I had into her. She pushed her lips on to mine and practically swallowed my tongue. She was on fire. She was uncontrollable.Rita and I connected that morning in a very special way. The sex was unbelievably wild and raucous. I saw a side of Rita I had never before seen. We had several more similar office encounters, one while an insurance company executive waited in the lobby.I’m now forty and Rita has been living with me and working beside me for fourteen great years. We took breaks, we both got married, to different people, but somehow, we always found a way to keep each other happy when it mattered the most. I often told Rita we should have married each other, and she would quickly remind me how stubborn and hard I was to work for and then I'd tell her it wasn’t easy working around her either. Somehow - we always made it work.-----PS - This is Rita and I have to add in my two-cent comment. 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