It's Healthy For Her To Make Lots Of Love

It's Healthy For Her To Make Lots Of Love

It was Friday night and I was in a bar mainly frequented by over-thirties. I was on my second drink and sitting by myself in a booth facing the dance floor. All of the booths in this section face the dance floor and have U-shaped, high-back bench seats with just enough room for two people on each side and one at the "bottom" of the U. I was wearing a short black skirt, a crisp, white button-up blouse, white silk panties and a black push-up bra. The top two buttons of my blouse were open showing a lot of my small, pert tits. I am forty and slim, with short-cropped, ginger-blonde hair. I was hoping to hook up with someone for the night and had finally worked up enough courage to maybe try another female for the first time if the opportunity arose. If all else failed a nice piece of cock would suffice. I heard a female voice say, "Do you mind if we join you?" I looked up to see a slim, long-legged blonde with a very short red skirt and button-up blouse almost hiding her large tits. She was with a male friend. "Sure," I replied. They were an attractive couple and both about the same age as me.She sat on the bench to my right and he moved in on the other side of her. She said, "I'm Jill, and this is my husband, Peter." I replied, "Hi, I'm Glenda. I am by myself for the evening and happy for your company." Jill leaned forward and her blouse gapped, allowing me to see almost all of her right tit and part of its areola. I am not normally turned on by the sight of another woman's breasts, but my mood was different tonight.While we chatted Peter's hand went to the inside of Jill's thigh just below her very short skirt. Jill seemed to be enjoying Peters attention as she parted her legs slightly, encouraging him to venture higher. The crotch of Jill's panties was just visible below her skirt. The movement of Jill's legs caused her left leg to rub against my thigh, which I enjoyed. Encouraged by her legs parting, Peter began caressing the inside of her thigh, venturing closer to her exposed panties. Sensing that I had not had a negative reaction to her leg against mine, Jill casually place her left hand on my knee. I encouraged her by placing my hand on top of hers and giving it a light squeeze. Peter's hand had now reached Jill's exposed panties and I could see him running a finger along her panty-covered sex. Jill, encouraged by my reaction, took my hand and placed it on the inside of her left thigh, and then returned her hand to the inside of my thigh, gently rubbing the soft skin just below my panties. This was the first time a woman had caressed the inside of my thigh and it excited me more than I had anticipated. I could feel my cunt beginning to respond. I could see Jill's nipples trying to force their way through her blouse as they hardened in response to Peter's caresses of her eager sex. Looking down between Jill's spread legs, I could see that Peter had pushed Jill's panties to one side and had two fingers inside her cunt lips. Her cunt lips were wet from his attention. Another first for me; I had never seen another aroused cunt before, let alone one with a man's fingers in it. Her hand had moved higher and was now rubbing my cunt through my panties. Peter began finger-fucking Jill. She was obviously enjoying the activity as she began rubbing my cunt more vigorously. Jill then turned her head towards me, kissed me, and pushed her fingers under my panties and slid a finger into my wet, waiting cunt. I was like a virgin all over again and almost came, my cunt pulsating to her female fingers. This was the first time I had been sexually kissed by another woman and also the first time another woman had fingered my cunt. I was enjoying the experience immensely. Jill pushed her tongue into my mouth at the same time as she plunged her finger deep into my cunt. Peter, seeing Jill's advances on me, began to finger-fuck her wet cunt faster and faster. In turn, Jill inserted a second finger into my wet, sloppy cunt and began to finger-fuck me too. It was too much, and I had my first orgasm for the night. It surprised me, the intensity of a the orgasm I was able to achieve from just a finger-fucking and not a cock,  As Jill came on Peter's fingers she forced her fingers deep into my hot pulsating cunt. Her right hand rubbing and squeezing Peters hard cock through his trousers. Peter removed his cum-covered fingers from Jill's cunt and placed them on her lips, allowing her to suck on them. I pushed my fingers into her empty, gaping cunt and then removed my fingers to suck in her sweet juices. I was surprised how wet and warm her cunt was. "More drinks?" asked Peter. "Yes," both of us replied as Peter went to the bar for more drinks. Jill moved in her seat and I thought she was going to rearrange herself. However, she instead lifted up off the seat and removed her panties, placing them in her bag. She then put her hand up under my skirt and removed my panties, which I put in my bag. Looking down, my skirt just covered my bare cunt, but Jill's cunt and "landing strip" were both fully exposed below her short skirt, which had ridden up to the top of her thighs. The high-backed bench seat hid us from people around us, and the table from those in front of
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us. Yet another first for me, being pantiless in public, much less at a crowded bar.Peter returned with the drinks, but instead of sitting next to Jill, sat on the other side of me. As he sat I got a closeup view of the bulge in his trousers. Jill had undone a couple more buttons of her top showing that she was not wearing a bra. As she lifted her drink I could see all of a tit and beautiful nipple. Her soft pink nipple was cone-shaped, and she was obviously turned on as it was sticking straight out. Turning towards me she saw that I was looking at her exposed nipple. Jill moved her hand to her blouse, but instead of moving to cover herself pulled her blouse back a little and started pinching and massaging her nipple. Both her breasts were very white compared to the rest of her tanned skin. Jill obviously did not go topless when tanning. I moved my right hand down onto her exposed cunt and gently ran a finger along her wet cunt lips. My left hand I placed on Peter's cock, still in his slacks. It was hard, and surprisingly large. Peter needed no further encouragement and slipped two fingers in my wet, sloppy cunt. I twisted myself down and around and replaced Jill's fingers on her nipple with my mouth, sucking on it. My first taste of a nipple! Jill placed her hand on top of Peter's and inserted a finger into my cunt as she and Peter finger fucked my hot cunt. I, in turn, was finger-fucking her cunt, my fingers saturated by her cunt juices and cum.Peter undid his fly and I slipped my hand inside his pants; he was not wearing underwear, and I found his uncovered cock. I sat back up to get a better grip on his cock, while Jill once again started massaging her exposed tit. As I stroked Peter's thick cock I could feel Jill shuddering through another orgasm as she released her cum all over my fingers. She squeezed her thighs together, trapping my fingers deep in her pulsating cunt. The excitement was too much for me and I came on her and Peter's fingers. Jill could see me wanking Peter and, knowing he was close to shooting his load, leaned across in front of me and took his cock head in her mouth. As she sucked on the head I continued to wank his cock more vigorously. I rubbed my hand from just below the helmet head of his cock down to his firm balls and back up and then down again and again. It did not take long until I could feel his shaft stiffen and begin to fill up with his cum, and then I felt him throbbing as he shot his hot cum into Jill's mouth. As Jill licked the last of his cum off his cock I milked the last of his cum into her mouth. As his cock began returning to its normal size we replaced it back into his slacks and did up his fly. As we all sat back enjoying our drinks I looked down at Jill's still-exposed cunt lips, still wet with her juices. My wet, satisfied cunt now hidden under my skirt. Jill had not done up the buttons on her blouse, but straightened it to hide her tits. Jill was the approached by a male who, thinking she was alone and me and Peter a couple, moved in to get a look down her top. "Hi, I am Rob...e...rrr...t." Robert was stuttering as he got more than he bargained for, looking down the front of Jill and seeing her exposed cunt and neatly trimmed landing strip. His semi-hard cock showed his pleasure as it rapidly grew inside his trousers. It grew so large and so quickly I though it was going to poke Jill in the eye! Obviously never one to pass up an opportunity, Jill sexily bit Robert's huge cock through his trousers. "Robert, I'm Jill, and if you promise to buy us all a round of drinks I will give you a blow job right here." "Deal!" was Robert's reply. Jill reached up and undid Robert's fly, reached in, and pulled out his long, seven-inch cock and wrapped her lips around its purple head. Her other hand cupped his balls through his trousers. Jill then deep-throated his cock as promised and began to move her head up and down on him. Robert in turn moved a hand inside her blouse and proceeded to massage her tits. Robert's excitement was obvious, as in only a few moments he shot his salty cum into Jill's mouth. Jill swallowed all of his cum with only a little showing on her lips. Jill replaced his softening cock back inside his trousers and pulled up his fly. True to his word, he left and returned with a round of drinks as promised. Jill said, "Robert, this is Glenda, and the gentleman on her left is my husband, Peter." A shocked Robert decided this was the best time for him to vacate the situation and return to his mates. We all enjoyed his drinks. It was decided that the three of us would get a taxi and go to Jill and Peter's place. Outside we hailed a taxi, Peter hopping in the front. Jill exposed her cunt to the young female driver as she scrabbled across into the back seat, and I sat alongside her. The cabby must have been at least bi-sexual, because as we drove off she adjusted her rear-view mirror so that she could see Jill's cunt between her opened legs. Jill and I began kissing and fondling each other as she drove off. Obviously turned on by what she was seeing, and as if to prove she was indeed bi-sexual, she reached over and put her hand on Peter's soft cock. It did not take Peter long to reward her with a growing cock.

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