Innocent Makes A Blowjob High And At First She Is Shy

Innocent Makes A Blowjob High And At First She Is Shy

I felt like I was floating on air as I made my way back to the motel room. I had just under three hours to kill before I met Jennifer back where we had parted company. I entered the lobby and made my way to the elevator. It took me all the way up the thirtieth floor without stopping. I walked the whole way to my room and didn't take in a single detail. In my head, we were still in the conference centre and she was kissing me passionately with the taste of our combined cum lingering on her lips. Her soft, delicious and oh so kissable lips. I felt my cock begin to stir at the memory and chuckled to myself. I had been very quick to recover when I was in my teens but these days it was often twenty-four hours again before I would show any interest. Had she intoxicated me? Recharged my body? Something was going on because just thinking about how sexy Jennifer looked when her face was flushed from her orgasm and my cum glistening on her lips had me ready to go again.I entered the room and admired the incredible views of the city at night. The motel was shaped like a wide V and my room was on the inside of the V. Standing in the room or lying on the bed offered nothing but open views but if you walked up to the window you could see the rooms of the other wing. I looked out and saw a couple of rooms with lights on but most were still in darkness. They either weren't very busy this weekend or most people were still out. I looked around the room some more but there was nothing extraordinary about it. It was nice but nothing amazing. The bed was a king-size and after a quick lay down on it, it seemed like it would be very comfortable. The question of whether I would be alone in it tonight or not was still up in the air but I felt excited by the possibilities.I had to admit that Jennifer excited me in ways I had never felt before. Anything and everything felt like a possibility with her. Already, just in a brief afternoon, she had taken me to places I had never been before and I was excited for more. I was nervous about being too eager and putting her off but it seemed to me she was pretty keen for some fun too.I went into the bathroom and discovered an amazing massage shower with jets out of the wall as well as from above. I just had to try it out and besides, I wanted to be all fresh and clean for Jennifer. I stood in the shower for an eternity as it did amazing things to my muscles. I was still hard as I daydreamed about the afternoon and I was in another world when I heard the phone ringing on the bench. I hurriedly flicked off the water and grabbed a towel. The phone stopped ringing the second my hand reached it."Fuck it!"I looked at the number and it came up as unknown but not private so I called it back."Good evening, Como motel Melbourne. How can I help you?""Oh hi, It's John Cooke in room thirty oh six. Somebody just tried to call me.""Oh yes of course. This is Tiffany from reception. There is a lady here looking for you. We don't send anybody up to rooms without clients' permission and you weren't answering your room phone.""Oh right. Yeah, I was in the shower and didn't hear the phone sorry. Just send her up, she's fine. Thanks for the call.""You're welcome."I got the impression the receptionist wasn't overly thrilled about sending up someone who wasn't on the list but that's a bit of stiff shit. I hurriedly dried off and got dressed. I was still in the process of buttoning up when there was a quiet knock on the door. When I opened the door Jennifer was standing there looking surprisingly nervous but incredibly sexy in a casual summer style dress that accentuated her curves. It had a low cut cleavage and the hem was further up her thighs than the skirt from earlier. I could see from the look on her face that she was nervous about something but I couldn't tell what.“Hi.”“Hi, come in. You look absolutely gorgeous.”Jennifer blushed but smiled at me as she came in and walked towards the window. I closed the door and admired the view from behind. My god, she had a fantastic ass. My cock was stirring once again as I Imagined what that ass looked like uncovered.“Would you like a drink or something else?”Jennifer turned back to me and as she did, the setting sun reflected off the other side of the building, lighting her up in a golden glow. She looked so stunning it took my breath away. I had always found her attractive but why hadn't I seen the sheer beauty in her before? Was it because she was unavailable and therefore out of reach? Was it because she kept it hidden in different ways? Or was it because she had become this radiant, beautiful creature just recently? Perhaps it was all of the above.“Do you mind if we talk about some things before we go out anywhere?”There was that nervous look again.“Of course. Is everything alright?”“Yes, I think so. I just want to be sure we are both on the same page here and well... It's not really the conversation I want to have with an audience in a restaurant.”“Okay... should I be afraid?”She laughed a little and shook her head no, then took a moment to gather her thoughts.“I don't want you to think I have any regrets at all about what happened today because I very much enjoyed that. Every aspect of it, okay, but I also don't want you to think that I do that all the time. Today was actually a first for me in a lot of ways.”“For what it's worth, Jennifer, there were a lot of firsts for me today too.”She smiled as though a little relieved but then her resolve seemed to harden again.“There's something else I want to talk about too but I want to know how you feel about a few things first.”“Sure.”“This weekend, well, let's just say you are onto a sure thing. If you want it to happen it will happen. I am very into the idea of having a dirty weekend with you, so if you want me, which I'm pretty sure you do then know that I want you too.”“You have no idea how much I want you and the ways in which I want you.”“Mmm good but I do want to know upfront if this is just a fling or if you are looking for something more.”“Oh. Okay. I see.”Suddenly I felt lost. Was a fling all she was after? Did she really have a boyfriend somewhere that she hadn't told me about? Would I be content with just a weekend of debauchery? In reality, it was way too soon to say, but in my heart, I knew I was looking for more. Would I be able to be cool with it if at the end of the weekend she said goodbye?The only course of action I could see was to be straight up and honest with her. I looked into her eyes and saw a smile light up her face. I gave her a quizzical look.“I'm really happy to see you are actually thinking about it and not just saying what you think I want to hear to get your dick played with.”I laughed and it helped ease some of the tension that had entered the room. I noticed the sky was going through a spectacular phase of colours as the sun set behind us. I held my hand out to her and had another shiver run through me as she took it. She had beautiful soft skin that was so smooth and warm. I kissed the back of her fingers then drew her over to the window. I turned her to face the beautiful sky and stood behind her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her back against me. She would have been able to feel my cock grinding against her ass as I kissed her neck.“Jen, I don't one hundred percent know what I want. I don't know if I would be a nuisance in your life but I would very much like to give it a go. I have never slept with you before but picturing us snuggled up in bed and making slow love on a Saturday morning is the easiest thing in the world for me to imagine. Exploring our desires together, no matter what they are, so long as we are together, sounds like the greatest adventure I could ever hope to find. I want you, oh god I want you, to the point where it's hard to wait until after dinner but I also want to take my time exploring you. Every single part of you, mind and body with as many of our senses as we can. I want to devour you, but I want to spend eternity doing it. The question now is, is that what you want?”Jen was grinding her ass against my cock rhythmically and offering little moans when I ended each sentence with a kiss on the neck.“I want commitment and family and lots and lots of passion. I want to explore your body and mind but I want to explore mine too.”One of my hands slid down the front of her dress to her bare thigh then up again to find she was now wearing panties. My fingers pressed against the front of her panties, pushing against her soft mound. My other hand slid up her front and took hold of one of her breasts. I easily found her rigid nipple and squeezed it as hard as I dared. She hissed in a breath and ground harder against my cock, encouraging me. She turned her head to me and began kissing me deeply. I wanted to keep going so desperately but I also knew that if I didn't stop now then there would be no meal or romantic walk by the park or exploring the city by night. We would fuck ourselves into a frenzy and fall asleep and I wanted more than that.I pulled away from the kiss and Jen moaned. I smiled as she grabbed my hand and held it firmly against her pussy.”You're making it very hard to stop, Jen, but we have to go get our dinner.”“Oh, how about I suck your cock and I have your cum for dinner?”“Mmm very tempting but what about my dinner?”“I'll share it with you.”“Oh god, after today, that was a first for me by the way, I am very tempted but we are going to go and enjoy the evening, a beautiful meal and some good old fashioned teasing.”“Oh, you know the way to my heart already.”Jen stood back from me after reluctantly letting go of my hand and straightened herself up.“Well, I'm ready, let's go eat so we can fuck.”I laughed at her honesty and the fact that she seemed insatiable.“We'll get to that gorgeous, believe me, we'll get to that.”She smiled at the compliment as we walked out the door and got into the elevator where I hugged her to me. Several floors down a young couple got in the elevator with us. I whispered in Jen's ear.“I bet they are going to fuck each other silly tonight if they haven't already. Can you smell cum in the air?”“Mmm but that could just be my pussy I can smell.”“I want to smell your pussy, and taste it.”I was meaning later but the other couple had their back to us and Jen slid her hand quietly up between her legs. A few seconds later she lifted her hand to me with two fingers unmistakably covered in her cum. I made a show of smelling them then taking them into my mouth. I sucked them clean and flicked my tongue over her fingers.“Mmm, you taste so fucking good.”I whispered in her ear. She shivered in response. By the time we got to the bottom floor, there were more people in the elevator forcing us back. Jen placed her hand between our bodies and began slowly stroking my cock through my pants. It was very difficult to keep a straight face or even breathe for that matter. It was so fucking sexy playing so close to people. The thrill of the possibility of being caught was intoxicating.We reached the lobby and everyone moved out of the elevator. We were the last to leave and as we did the young woman who had been first in the elevator with her partner turned and gave us a cheeky smile. Jen started giggling as she realised we may have been caught. As we walked out onto the street Jennifer turned to look at me with a big smile on her face.“I think she may have known what we were up to.”“I think you may be right, I don't mind because I can still taste you on my lips.”“Can you?”Jennifer reached up to me and pulled my head down to hers where we met in a soft, luscious kiss that had more than a little heat to it, especially when she licked my lips.“Mmm, so you can. I like the taste of my pussy on your lips. Might have to do something about that soon.”“Mmm yes, please. I love the taste of you.”We broke apart from our kiss and then crossed the busy road. We walked the block then down along the riverfront where there were many restaurants and bars. We found one with a raised platform and a nice view of the river and walkway below. The tables were high set and the seats were more like bar stools. We ordered drinks and the waitress took us to a table that was in the front corner. We sat down, both facing half towards the river/walkway and half towards each other. It was a nice warm evening although a gentle breeze from the river kept it comfortable. The tables were all candlelit and there was some soft jazz playing in the background. I wanted to get to know more about Jennifer and why she seemed so different from when I had known her previously.“So Jen, what have I missed out on over the last decade or so? What's been happening with you?”“Oh, so a nice simple straightforward question straight off the blocks hey?”We both laughed but I was serious, I wanted to know more about her.“Well as you know Ben was a complete douche nozzle and I finally got the confidence to kick his lame-ass out. The problem is, he kind of messed me up for a long time. Made me feel like I wasn't worthy of being loved or desired. Made me think that the things I wanted to do weren't normal or okay. In fact, he used to call me a dirty slut any time I enjoyed sex. He didn't want me to enjoy it, he wanted to make me a victim of it.”“Oh fuck Jen, I had no idea he was that bad. I knew he talked a lot of shit and I didn't believe much of what he said anyway but I had no idea he was like that. I am so sorry.”Jennifer let out a small mirthless laugh and looked at me in a way that made me think there was more to what was being said. Like she was testing my resolve, seeing if I would run from someone who was wounded or felt damaged. I reached out and took her hand. She shook her head and gave me a sad smile.“I always go and say too much and ruin everything.”“Jen, I asked. Remember that. I asked because I want to know. I want to know more about you because I have always been attracted to you and I have to admit, I always wondered what you were doing with him when you could have had someone so much better.”Again she looked at me like she was trying to see if I was being serious or teasing her. She smiled that shy smile again.“Someone like you?”I laughed at the idea but there was a certain truth to it. I knew I would be kind to her and I knew I would encourage her to be who she truly felt she was but I also knew that it would be egotistical of me to say so.“Well at the time that wasn't a possibility in any way other than in my fantasies but it's true that I felt you deserved someone who would treat you much better than he did.”“So you fantasized about me did you?”I knew she was stirring me now. I could see she made a habit of brushing aside compliments and she was trying to embarrass me because she felt a bit embarrassed herself. I have never been one to embarrass easily though.“Absolutely I did. Would you like me to tell you all about those fantasies?”She blushed and giggled but then she did that thing again where she looked me straight in the eye and seemed to recognise the truth of what I was saying and that she was safe with me.“You know what? Yes, I do want you to tell me about how you used to fantasize about me. I want all the gory details too. However, I want to know something else before you tell me.”“What's that?”“Why were you fantasizing about me while you were married?”Our drinks arrived and I began the story of my marriage. By the time we had finished our entree, I was explaining why I felt that I could only ever live out my fantasies in my dreams and never in real life. We ordered more drinks and Jen seemed to be genuinely shocked by what I had said.“Wow. Really? She genuinely believed you only ever had sex to have kids?”“Yeah.”“How did you not end up with a whole tribe of them?”“Lots of masturbation.”We both burst out laughing.“I can't believe I am telling you this on our first date. This is a date isn't it?”“Yes of course it is.”“Well yeah, I would never say this to anyone else I know but I used to masturbate a fucking lot.”The thought of her doing that had me hard in seconds.“Tell me more, please.”We both laughed again.“I used to wait for Ben to go out, or go to work or even just fall asleep and bang I would be into it. Watching porn, getting naked and going at it until I was so wet and worn out I would have to rehydrate and have a shower. I loved it. Couldn't get enough. Just fantasizing about doing all the things that he said were filthy and that a “normal” woman wouldn't even think about.”“Well, I wish I could have watched.”“Ha, you dirty pervert. I absolutely would have let you.”As that thought sunk in I wondered how the universe could be so cruel at times. Knowing the person who is, as far as you can tell, a perfect match for you just drift by in your life. We both went quiet for a minute as we seemed to be thinking the same things at the same time.Our meal arrived and we both started eating in relative quiet.“Jen?”“Yeah?”“If you don't want to tell me that's okay, I mean it is only our first date after all, but I really want to know what these things were that you fantasized about. That Ben said weren't normal.”“Hmmm. Let me think about it for a sec.”I could see she was nervous about saying anything. She did not want to be judged again and although she seemed to sense a certain amount of understanding in me she clearly didn't know how far that extended. I though
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t I might lighten the mood a little and at the same time let her know that anything was safe with me.“Just so you know, I draw the line at necrophilia. It's just dead boring.”She snorted and nearly spat out the mouthful of food she had.“Well, good to know you have standards.”“I know, I'm damned fussy.”“Well, I'm not going to sit here and list off every fantasy I have ever had. We would be here until tomorrow night if I did that. For starters though, I do have a thing for risky sex. Like today in the conference room, that has been a fantasy of mine since I was a teenager. I really can't believe that actually happened.”“I hope it lived up to the fantasy and wasn't a disappointment.”“I left that seat soaked and only just managed to stop myself from mounting you right there and then in front of the audience, my co-workers and my boss. I haven't been that turned on in ages. Yes, it lived up to it and I want more.”God, I was so turned on by her enthusiasm that on the spur of the moment I did something I have never done before.“Okay then.”I put my knife and fork down, glanced around quickly to make sure no one was watching and slid down off the chair and below the table. The last thing I saw was a look of shock on Jennifer's face. I moved around the pole of the table and placed my hands on her knees and pushed them apart. I slid the bottom of her dress up into her lap and was awarded with a view of her panties. I kissed the insides of her parted thighs then reached up beside her legs and took hold of the top of her panties. I began sliding them down as she lifted her hips a little to help me. I slid them down her legs and off her feet. I placed them in my pocket then separated her thighs again. Jennifer moved forward until her butt was on the edge of the seat and I had my first real look at her pussy. Her lips were puffy and distended from arousal and she was very moist. There was a light sprinkling of hair across the top and her clit was doing its best to push itself out from under its hood.I could smell her arousal and it was intoxicating. My nose pressed against her curls as my tongue slithered and danced around her lips. One of her hands had come down under the table and she was running her fingers through my hair. It was all the encouragement I needed as I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked the sensitive little bud with the tip of my tongue. I felt her stiffen against me and her hand gripped my hair. She pulled my face in tighter as she began to grind her pussy against my tongue and lips. I could feel her trying to hump against my face but not be too obvious about it. Suddenly she gripped my hair real tight and pulled me off her. I could hear the sound of someone talking but I couldn't make out what they were saying. Then, in a remarkably calm voice, Jennifer responded.“No, It's delicious thank you. He just had to duck off and make a phone call, he'll be back real soon to finish eating.”I tried not to laugh at the double entendre. A few moments later she released my hair and let me get back to her delicious pussy. I dove into her like it was the most delicious meal I had ever eaten and I was a starving man. There was a kind of truth to that. She did taste delicious and eating her pussy in such a risky manner is something I have always wanted to do.My nose was pressed against her clit and I was starting to get a crick in my neck as my tongue explored her depths and circled her lips only to dive back in again. Suddenly she was holding me real tight to her and her thighs were twitching with spasms as she came hard on my face. I was beginning to get scared that I would pass out from lack of oxygen she held me so tight for so long. I don't know how she managed to stay silent above the table.She released my head and I took a huge gasp of air. I was contemplating how to get back up without drawing a lot of attention to us when her hand reached down with a serviette. I laughed that she would have thought of the necessity. I wiped my face then when I was ready I began to move but she waved her hand and held it up as though to tell me to stop. Then several seconds later waved me up. I moved as quickly but also as carefully as I could so as not to make much noise. I had been back in my seat for maybe ten seconds when the waitress looked at me in a strange way. I could see she was wondering how I got back past her without her noticing and made me laugh to see her confusion. She came over to the table and asked if everything was alright with the meal but I could see she was trying to figure out where I had been.“Yes, it is thanks, one of the best meals I have ever had. Hopefully, I can eat here again real soon.”Jennifer was trying not to laugh and her face was bright red. I couldn't help but tease her a little so while the waitress was standing there I asked Jennifer.“Are you enjoying it, honey?”She was smiling and I could see the glimmer in her eye from being naughty.“I absolutely love it. I think we should eat out a lot more often.”The emphasis on “eat out” was noticeable and made me smile. God, I wanted her so bad, I was tempted to bend her over one of the stools and just slide my cock inside her. She smiled her most wicked smile at me as though she could read my mind. The waitress walked away and Jennifer started eating in a hurry.“Everything alright?”“Fuck yes. That was so good, but we need to get out of here so you can fuck me full of cum.”“Oh well in that case, yes let's hurry up.”We were both giggling as we ate the resat of our meal then took off after paying the bill. We were walking back to the motel when Jennifer stopped at one of the bridges over the river.“What's the matter? Are you okay?”Jennifer was looking all around us.“No, I'm not. I need your cock inside me now.”She grabbed my hand and hauled me towards the bridge. We ran down the grass, both giggling like teenagers and as soon as we were under the edge of the bridge she stopped, took a quick look around then got down on her knees. She undid my fly and less than gently took my cock out.“Mmm hello, my tasty friend.”She then practically devoured me. Earlier in the afternoon, it had been all minimal movement and quiet so as not to draw attention. This was the complete opposite. She was moaning and slurping as she fucked me with her mouth. If I hadn't already cum earlier I would have blasted in her mouth already. I leaned back and moaned a deep moan that seemed to be a signal to her. She released my cock and stood up. She turned her back to me and bent over, leaning against the rail under the bridge with one hand. Her other hand was pulling her dress up over her ass.“Fuck me now. I want your cock and cum inside me.”I moved up to her and positioned myself against her. I went to slowly push in but apparently, she was beyond waiting and pushed back hard against me. She was so hot and wet that I had to do some complicated equations in my head to focus on not cumming straight away. She let out a deep guttural moan as I slid all the way inside her.“Ooooohhhh Fuck yes! Fuck me, fuck me hard.”I pulled back then pushed in hard as she groaned again. I did it again and was rewarded with another groan.“Harder, faster, pound me.”I did as I was told, pounding into her, feeling her ass and thighs slap against me. I could feel her cum running down the front of my thighs and hear the slapping of our two bodies meeting. Anyone nearby would have heard and had absolutely no doubt what was happening. I was going faster and faster and she was grunting and saying yes with each slap of our bodies. I could feel myself getting closer and I didn't want to not get her off so I reached around and began playing with her clit as I pounded her from behind. Several seconds later I could feel her stiffen up and her pussy seemed to clamp down on my cock as she cried out and her body began to spasm on mine.“Oh god, fuck yes, ohhhhh.”That was as long as I could hold back. I pushed in as deep as I could go into her and began pumping my cum into her.“Oh yes, yes, yes”She called out with each of my spasms as I tried my best to fill her body with my cum. I slid out of her dripping pussy and she immediately spun around and squatted down. One hand went down to her pussy and the other held my cock still so she could lick and suck it clean. I couldn't believe how much she liked the taste of our combined cum but I was convinced she did when she removed her hand from her pussy and began licking our cum from her fingers. She stood up and kissed me passionately, sharing our cum in a very wet, slippery kiss. She then pushed her cum-coated fingers into my mouth and I promptly sucked them clean before sharing another kiss with her. This was kinkier than anything I had ever done and I never would have imagined enjoying my own cum, or any man's for that matter, but the debauchery of it all was setting me on fire.We tidied up as best we could and giggling like a pair of teenagers made our way back to the walkway. We walked back past all the restaurants grinning like a pair of loons. We got to the traffic lights and waited for the little man to turn to green. While we were waiting I noticed a young woman staring at Jennifer. She then turned to her friend and whispered something in her ear. Her friend turned and looked as well then turned away trying not to laugh. What the hell was going on? The light changed and we walked across the road and up the stairs to the motel. In the better light, I stopped and looked at Jennifer. I could see that her lipstick was smeared and she had a sizeable streak of cum right up her cheek. I stopped her before we went inside."Ah... Jen, you know you have some cum on the side of your cheek."I was reaching up to wipe it as I was saying this but she stopped my hand in place before I could touch it. Her eyes were sparkling with a mixture of mischief and excitement."I know. I wanted people to know I have your cum in and on me. I am so fucking turned on right now. I wish I could be covered in your cum."I shook my head in wonder at this incredibly sexy woman I had discovered and smiled at her."Where have you been all my life? You are so fucking sexy.""I have been waiting quietly in the corner, all covered up and feeling ashamed of my desires like I was told to. But not anymore. I want to be slutty. I want to be your dirty little slut."I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything more than let out a growl of desire as I grabbed her hand and dragged her into the building. I know the night staff looked at us funny but I couldn't have cared less. I brought her into the elevator and pressed the button for our floor. The doors slid shut and my lips found hers. We barely surfaced for air until the bell chimed and the doors slid open.We began to make our way to the room but Jen was already undressing. She began by lifting her dress over her head. I still had her panties in my pocket so instantly all she was wearing was a bra and her shoes. She handed me her dress as we walked then undid her bra. She handed me that too and then strutted naked the rest of the way to our room. If anyone had opened their door or stepped out of another elevator on the same floor, they would have seen her and she would have had nowhere to hide. We made it to the door and I opened it as slowly as I dared. We walked inside and she kicked her shoes off. She walked over to the large window and just stood there, legs slightly apart and hands on her hips."I love that anyone could be looking at my naked body right now. I want the world to see me like this, naked, horny and dripping in your cum. I want everyone to know how much you want me."I stripped off behind her knowing she was watching me in the reflection of the window. I wasn't completely hard, because let's face it, I had already cum twice today. It had been several years since I had gone more than once in a day. This was definitely a moment where I wished I had the stamina of my early twenties. It seemed so wrong that it was wasted on my ex who didn't want it, while here before me stood a goddess who I wanted nothing more than to keep her satiated.I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her naked body and pressed my own against hers. My cock slid between her cheeks and we seemed to fit together perfectly. Like she was made for me. I kissed her neck and she shivered. One hand slid up her belly to cup her breast and I discovered her nipple was as hard as a rock. I gently squeezed it between my thumb and finger and felt more than heard her moan. It was like a kitten purring as she ground her ass against my semi-hard cock.“The whole world should be able to see how beautiful you are and how much I desire you.”“Mmmm.”She rolled her body slowly against mine, feeling my cock beginning to slowly expand against her ass. I kissed her neck and sucked on that spot where her neck and her shoulder met. My hands were roaming freely over her belly and her breasts. Occasionally dipping low enough to brush through her pubic hair but not quite low enough to touch her clit, lips or opening. Just gently teasing. I whispered in her ear.Do you want them all to see how much I desire you?”“Oh... Yes.”She half hissed, half moaned. I took her right hand and placed it high against the glass, then I did the same with her left. Nothing at all held her in place yet she stood as though she were handcuffed to the spot. I then began to massage her breasts, feeling their weight and the soft skin. Her hard nipples grazed across my palms and fingertips, the whole time I was kissing my way slowly down her back. She shivered as I got lower and down onto my knees. My hands were trailing down her body as my kisses trailed down her spine.Her legs parted a little more and she moaned as my tongue found the cleft between her cheeks. There was a small wet patch where my cock had left a small dribble of pre-cum and I lapped at it hungrily. My fingertips left a trail down her sides and onto her thighs and her skin erupted in goosebumps as she shivered in excited anticipation. I could see between her legs as I sat back on my heels and admired her perfect ass. I could see her pussy lips were already parted and puffy with desire and I could just see her puckered asshole as she unconsciously thrust her ass back towards me.I admired the view for a few seconds more as my hands roamed over her ass and slowly spread her cheeks. I could see how wet she was from her current excitement as well as a mixture of our cum from under the bridge. I remembered how wonderful it tasted and how exciting it was to share our combined juices. Without even realising I was doing it my tongue began probing her lips, searching for more of that nectar. My nose was pressed against her asshole as my tongue and lips went crazy on her pussy. My hands held her cheeks apart so I could both breathe and have access to the most intimate parts of her body. I licked and sucked on her lips as her thighs shook with delight, then stuffed my tongue as deep into her pussy as it could go. She was moaning and leaning further forward. Her face and breasts were pressed against the glass and I thrilled at the thought of people in other rooms watching us. I pulled away for a moment to tell her my thoughts.“I love that people are watching this. I want people to watch me eat your pussy. I want men to stroke their cocks and women to play with their pussies while they watch me eat your ass.”“Oh god yes! I want them to cum while watching me cum.”I dove straight back in. My tongue pointed and hard like my cock slid up and over her ass hole causing her to buck back against me and moan again. I flicked my tongue over her ass repeatedly then slid it in a little way as my fingers slid into her pussy. That was as far as I got because she was now bucking and shaking so hard as she soaked my hand and lips, cumming again and again. Her knees buckled and stopped supporting her and she slid down the glass until she was all but sitting in my lap.When she had recovered some strength she stood back up with some assistance from me. She turned around and pushed me down onto my back then lowered her sopping pussy down onto my cock. She sat there for a moment just enjoying the feeling of me being inside her. She had the biggest smile on her face as she slowly rose up and down on me. There was nothing rushed at all about this. The initial, fuck me now, passion had subsided and we made love. Slow, deliberate, beautiful, gentle, lovemaking. We never lost eye contact the entire time, soul gazing. It was that moment more than any other that told me I had found my partner.Was it possible to fall deeply in love with someone in just one day? We had a connection that I had never felt with anyone, like our hearts beat the same rhythm. We were definitely in tune with each other and felt the freedom of being desired for being exactly who you are. No pretences, no masks, no trying to be someone you aren't for the other person. Just take me as I am, raw, real, flawed and beautiful because of it.When I awoke the next morning, with the gentle weight of her naked body draped over mine in that big bed, feeling the warmth of the rising sun warming the room with a golden glow. I knew that life was never going to be the same for me again. I started a whole new life or at least a whole new chapter of my life. We went on to have many more adventures. Some of them exciting in the way they were daring and erotic and others because we had somehow, silently, committed to building something bigger and greater than just the two of us.   

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