Fabulous sex with a perfect pussy

Fabulous sex with a perfect pussy

Lucy and Jake Chapter one - Double the fun on the continent After 5 beautiful years of fucking, Jake and Lucy knew their sex life couldn't get any better. That is, until they discovered a new way to connect... It was a warm afternoon in Paris, the low autumn sun shone lightly onto Jake’s back. Pulling his sunglasses off his face, he met Lucy’s eyes with a fierce twinkle. She hadn’t seen Jake for weeks, and it had been no secret how horney the two of them were getting. Suitcase dumped, Lucy grabbed him by the hand, wanting to show him her new favourite sex shop. Lucy had always thought that the best part of exploring a new city is the freedom you get from knowing nobody, and happily walking around with a new plastic purchase to tease her pussy with. Unaware that Jake had been secretly feeding his own fetishes, the couple arrived at “condom,” a bright shop, smooth everywhere much like the toys they sold. Lucy was telling Jake all about a new rabbit she’d love to try with him, but she couldn’t help but notice his eyes drifting as she spoke to him. She followed his gaze to another section, full of dildos and she laughed at how out of it he seemed to be. His lip was almost quivering, and she knew he had seen something he liked the look of... She glanced down, sure enough his tight shorts were bulging at the crotch, so whatever it was Lucy knew she had to get it. Jake knew that Lucy had seen, he’d been ashamed to admit it before, but his obsession with anal play had led to him experimenting on his own too. Lucy looked at him with excitement and curiosity as he pulled down a large double ended dildo. Shiny and lilac coloured, it glistened in the afternoon sun, it seemed too good to be true. The thought of buying this with Jake made Lucy wet, she realised her clit had begun throbbing. Lucy knew Jake would love to fill up her tight ass and her soaking wet pussy with this toy, but she didn’t know he would want to share it with her too. The couple ran back to the flat, they had made sure they regularly sent naked photos of each other, masturbated online and watched porn at the same time, but they missed each others touch so much, so they knew this was going to be incredible. They flopped down onto Lucy’s bed, Jake kissed her so lovingly and passionately, her clit began pulsating so quickly. She wanted it to be touched, she needed it to be touched. Jake on the other hand, was hard instantly, Lucy pulled down his shorts to reveal that cock she loved so much. It was long, smooth, thick and so hard. Perfection. She couldn’t wait any longer, she grabbed his hard cock and put it right in her mouth, so warm and wet. Lucy’s tongue circled his cock, from his gooch where she licked at it lovingly, up to his balls that she held in her mouth, then she moved it right up the shaft and around to the head of his cock. Pre-cum was already squirting from him, she licked it up smiling, so giddy and excited. Lucy now lowered Jake backwards onto her bed and continued to pleasure him, with an incredible blow job, taking his whole shaft in her mouth. She occasionally gagged on his huge dick, and would run her hand down the length of it using his favourite lube, smothering his balls with the other hand. She looked up at him with such lust and love and he returned the gaze with lust and desire for her pussy. He couldn’t handle anymore of this amazing blow job, asking her to stop twice now to prevent himself filling his whole load into the back of her throat. Jake beckoned Lucy back to bed to lie next to him, so that he could kiss her and hold her. Both their hands moved quickly back towards each others crotches and Jake got his first feel in weeks of Lucy’s pussy. He began rubbing her pants and moved them to the side to reveal her completely bare pussy, completely shaved just as he likes it. He stroked her pussy lips with his finger, gently using her sweet pussy juices as lubricant. The kissing became more passionate and before Lucy knew it, Jake had taken her silk top off over her head, unzipped her tight leather skirt and had her in her underwear. Lucy lay wearing a lacey underwear set, her favourite that she’d received from Jake as a birthday present. But Jake couldn’t stop thinking about the shaved pussy beneath, and as they continued kissing, he slipped off her soaking pants, still wet from the sex shop and from the blow job she had just given. Jake held both of Lucy’s hands back above her head and pushed them flat. He let go and traced his hands down her body, past her petite breasts, squeezing her nipples as he passed, down her belly button and finally to her pussy. He spread her lips and dived in to start licking, sucking and playing with her clit. So many times Lucy would pull her hands back down onto Jake’s head to try and control him, but he would push them away again. The thought of tasting Lucy’s sweet juices was making Jake hornier than ever, and he was vigoroulsy masturbating his long, hard cock by now. Lucy saw this, and finally managed to break free from his oral-induced grasp. She wrapped her legs tightly around his torso and kissed him passionately, their tongues dancing. Playfully, she used her hips to roll Jake over, so that he was now on his back. She immediately spun round, sticking her ass in his face as she buried his cock back into her mouth. Jake had a great view, for a few seconds he did nothing but enjoy the sensation of having his cock sucked by his girlfriend, and the erotic view of her ass and wet pussy right in his face. It wasn’t long though before his tongue had found her clit again, licking it with long, slow licks, Lucy’s favourite. “That felt amazing Lucy, we are so good at this!” panted Jake as he moved Lucy off his face, his lips covered in her juices. 69 had always been a favourite for both of them. As Lucy climbed away, she reached for the bag and her new purchase, excited for Jake to try it out on her. There was something so sexy about having a boyfriend who loved to fuck her with a fake cock and enjoy it as much as she did. “Fuck, this is big,” she thought, as she mused over the fact this was her 4th dildo. She smiled at the thought that she still sometimes kids herself that she’s not the sort of person to ‘own sex toys’, but she was beginning to have quite a collection. She joked to Jake about what the next one would be called, there was something so erotic about mentioning their favourite dildos, vibrators and
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butt plugs in public without anyone knowing. She took the toy back over to the bed where Jake was lying, unable to keep his hands of his cock. Lucy started to lick the toy as she crawled back up Jake’s body, taking each end of the fake double cock in her mouth, preparing it for her willing holes. Sure enough, Jake took the dildo in his hand, and smiled lovingly at Lucy, knowing how much they loved experimenting with new toys together. He gave her clit one last lick to hear Lucy moan, before running his fingers down into her pussy. He inserted two fingers deep into her cunt, pulling out all her natural lube, perfect for rubbing over her bum he thought. As he circled her ass, he pulled the dildo closer to Lucy, and swapped his soft fingers for the lubed up phallic head of the dildo. Its smooth plastic glided over her ass, nudging inside her as he pushed. Jake knew how to get Lucy in the mood for anal, he knew she had to be relaxed and ready, and so eased the dildo in so gently. She gasped at the size of it, “this feels like your dick in me!” she exclaimed, knowing that it was far thicker and longer than the butt plug she was used to. This turned Jake on so much, his already hard cock almost dripping at the thought of being inside her ass. “Put the other end in my pussy!” screamed Lucy. She didn’t care who heard her now. She lay back, ready to let Jake take control with the new toy. Eyes closed, she felt the amazing first time feeling of the smooth plastic pushing up into her pussy, immediately hitting her G-Spot and making her clit, pussy and ass pulsate in unison. She was full, and she knew how much this would turn Jake on. She opened her eyes to take a look at the new toy tight in her pussy, only to recognise an ‘old friend’ the rabbit vibrator that they’d used many times together. Lucy didn’t mind at all, her G-Spot was being hit every time that Jake pushed the toys in and out of her, bringing her to the verge of climax almost every time. But Lucy wondered why Jake hadn’t been excited to fill her up with a double ended dildo. She looked further down, past her own pussy to find the other end of it near Jake’s own ass. He was lying opposite her, with his eyes shut too, gently masturbating. Lucy knew that he had sometimes liked it when she cheekily put her small vibrator over his bum, and in the heat of the moment, she decided she wanted Jake to share this feeling with her. Already lubed up, she grabbed the second end of the dildo and pushed it effortlessly into Jake’s ass. He took it all in, and his cock became immediately rock hard at the new sensation. He’d never had anything this big in his ass before, he knew he had to be gentle with it but he was so curious that he trusted Lucy to manoeuvre it. She tilted his end up, towards his prostate at the same time as rubbing his cock. The sight of it really turned Lucy on, she didn’t need to rub her clit anymore because Jake had turned the rabbit on, it’s ears buzzing aroung her clit. He opened his eyes to meet Lucy’s gaze. In the past he had been ashamed about his curiosity but all of that was lost now. They had both very much got used to the feeling and started to thrust into each others asses, Jake rubbing his cock and Lucy still fucking her pussy with her other toy. The whole time the double cock was still in each of their asses. They knew they had to stop. It was feeling so good and they were too close to cumming. Lucy removed the rabbit vibrator from her pussy and told Jake to stop rubbing his cock and took both hands in each of hers.They lay there, hands entwined, the only stimulation from their asses, The idea of this sent Jake and Lucy through the roof! The idea that they knew exactly what the other was feeling made them rhytmically move together, their grips tightening. They were fucking each others asses. Lucy’s end rubbing against her g-spot through her vagina wall and Jake’s against his prostate. Just like every other time Jake and Lucy have fucked they would always swap positions, so why should this be any different? Lucy removed the dildo from Jake’s and her own ass and turned round onto all fours and gestured for Jake to do the same but to face away from her. They then slowly pushed the dildo back into each other asses both bent over cheeks touching Lucy rubbing her clit once more and Jake stroking his cock. The couple began moving in time, having the strangest sensation that neither of them could see each other, only hear the heavy breathing and occasional panting of each other’s names. Jake reached a hand round towards his ass to feel the new toy, to really feel it going in and out of him. He couldn’t believe they were both doing this! Then he ran his finger along the dildo until he arrived at Lucy’s own ass. He could feel her hole and he ran his finger around it as he felt the plastic slide past his fingertips. Jake had an idea.. He told Lucy to stop moving completely, and he did the same. Instead of the pair rocking away from each other, and towards each other in unison, Jake was no in control of the dildo. He first moved it towards his own body, curving it up to hit his prostate and he groaned in complete pleasure. “Put it deeper in me, I want more!” shouted Lucy, so he willingly pushed it back towards her own ass, this time pointing it down to reach her G-Spot. He continued this rhythm with such precision, listening to the loudest and most excitable groans as a guide as to how far to push it in Lucy, that within seconds, the couple couldn’t take it anymore. They knew that they would cum any moment now, Lucy grabbed her breasts, squeezing with one hand, the other rubbing her clit that was swollen with excitement, any second now. Jake started to rub lube up and down the length of his cock, stroking it and his balls in unison with the dildo that was fucking his ass. They listened to each others groans quicken, get louder and waited for the first one to say it. They turned back over so that they could look into each others eyes as they were about to cum. It was as though the dildo had connected them in some way, as soon as Lucy shouted “I’m about to cum!” Jake exploded as his cum shot out, covering Lucy’s pussy and chest and at the same time Lucy writhed in pleasure with every wave of her orgasm. Jake and Lucy lay there looking into each others loving eyes, “I love you,” “I love you too,” they both said, dreaming of round two. To be continued...

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