Xxx With Many People Who Like To Fuck In The Group

Xxx With Many People Who Like To Fuck In The Group

My name is Jason, and my wife, Katie, and I are in our mid-thirties now, still living a cuckold lifestyle, that began with us agreeing to try swinging with our close friends, when I was twenty-seven years old, Katie was twenty-four. Our daughter was only five months old then, and Katie was breastfeeding her.Katie and I live in Memphis, where we moved when we got married, right after graduating from UT; me with a law degree, and Katie with an accounting degree. I was recruited by a law firm in Memphis, and Katie found a good job with a large transportation company, although she only worked a couple of years before our daughter was born. My Work AssociatesThe work environment in a law firm is hectic for first year lawyers, to say the least, and extremely competitive. Despite that, it’s not unusual for the newly recruited class of attorneys to become close socially, due in part to the shared intensity of the job, and the need to blow off a little steam. I was fortunate that the other four new recruits are likeable, all of us have beautiful wives, and we all enjoy socializing. We’re all about the same ages too, since the husbands all graduated from various law schools, when their wives were graduating with bachelor’s degrees.It was difficult to do much socializing the first year, though, with the long hours we were working, but we got closer and did more together in our second year. Some of the social dynamics in our group were becoming more apparent too, and even though all of the wives are beautiful, by almost any standard, as I’ll explain, the other men seemed to be most attracted to my Katie, and her prominent mammary assets.Katie’s a beautiful woman, at five feet and three inches tall, weighing one hundred and thirty pounds, and with naturally blonde hair and brown eyes, she looks a lot like the singer/actress, Jessica Simpson. Katie had huge, melon-sized breasts too, which were 34Fs when she was lactating, but normally 34DDs at other times. She was born and raised on a Tennessee farm, so she has a down-home charm and is vivacious and outgoing.There are a lot of names to deal with in relating this story, so I’ll give a little tutorial up front. David and Megan are an attractive couple who are from the northeast, and she looks a lot like the British actress, Kate Beckinsale. Michael and Grace came from a school in the Midwest, and she looks a lot like the actress, Brie Larson. Antonio and Alicia came from the Houston area, and Alicia looks a lot like Salma Hayek. Finally, Jim and Brooke came from UT like Katie and me, and Brooke looks a lot like the actress, Elizabeth Olsen.So, you can see that all our wives are beautiful, and I suppose it’s only natural that us husbands would be attracted to some degree to the others’ wives. After Katie, I think I was most attracted to Alicia, maybe because of her charm, nice tits, tan skin tone, and that sultry, Latina mystique. Socializing Becomes IntimateAll the couples were starting families, like Katie and me having our daughter, but there was still time to socialize at local nightclubs and our homes, sometimes sharing babysitters. It became acceptable for us to drink heavily and dance with one another’s wives, and there was even a little innocent kissing and groping going on with one another’s spouses.I know it should have upset me, but I always got aroused when we’d get home late on those nights, still a little woozy, and Katie would tell me what the men were doing with her. We’re both into giving and receiving oral sex, me to a greater extent, and she’d be telling me about Antonio or David deeply tongue-kissing her, rubbing her breasts, and even rubbing her ass while trying to reach farther around from the back to finger her pussy. As she told me all of that, I was between her legs eating out her wet and obviously aroused pussy.Katie thought it was funny that I was so accepting of other men hitting on her, since she talked privately with the other wives sometimes, and they said their husbands didn’t like it much. They just put up with it so they could grope the other ladies. She also said she and the other wives didn’t allow as much groping as Katie did, and they were usually irritated with her since so much of the attention was focused on her.But it wasn’t that big a deal to Katie, because she informed me early on when we were starting to get serious and dating steadily, that she had been very active sexually, since her junior year in high school, and she likes getting all that attention from men. She’s very much aware, that although she’s beautiful and attractive in so many ways, her melon-sized breasts are the focus for many men.The interactions were getting more intimate all the time, and one-night Katie told me, “Those guys were really rowdy tonight, honey. All the guys were pushing their tongues down my throat, and David got his fingers wet in my pussy. And that Antonio was sucking on my tongue as he slipped his hand under my blouse and was fondling my bare breasts. But the worst one was Michael, who whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me, while he had his hand on my bare breasts too.”I sucked on her pussy even harder as she told me about the men having their way with her, and she finally laughed, before saying, “Damn, Jason, you don’t seem to give a shit what those guys do to me. I wonder how hard you’d suck my pussy if I told you that one of them took me to the restroom and fucked me? You’d probably even want to clean me up afterward since you eat me out after we fuck anyway.”My face was covered in her juices as I moved back up on my pillow and teasingly said, “I don’t know about the fucking, honey; I’ll have to think about that. But it really turns me on knowing that you’re the most beautiful of all the ladies, and that all the men likely get hard cocks from being around you.”Katie was teasing, I assumed, when she said, “Yeah, and I know a little about that too. I didn’t tell you before, but David has been pulling my hand down to rub his cock, to keep it busy, while he fingers my pussy from behind. But hey, fuck it if you don’t give a shit, then I’ll just enjoy it. Maybe I will fuck him, since his cock lump feels much bigger than yours.”I acted as if I might have been teasing too when I answered her. But I had been fantasizing about Katie fucking other men and wouldn’t have minded if the guys had gone farther with her. So, I said, “Well, honey, you told me how sexually active you were before we met, and I don’t know if I’d even want to try to tame a buxom, country girl like you. And you’re probably right, that if you did get fucked, I would clean you up.”She said, “Damn, honey, now that would be kinky, and you’re starting to sound like you might have a cuckold gene in you.” David Introduces Our Group to Idea of SwingingIt was late September at a party at David and Megan’s home when David brought up the idea of swinging to our group. Everyone was drunk, and not even mildly interested in it, and Megan wasn’t happy about it at all.He tried to justify it, saying, “Come on boys and girls, what’s the big deal? We’ve been kissing and fondling one another’s spouses when we’re dancing anyway, some more than others, so what could it hurt to take it a step farther? And maybe if everyone’s not interested, then the few that are can experience the enjoyment without them.”It was obvious to everyone that David glanced over at Katie and smiled, when he said, ‘some more than others’, because all the other husbands looked at her and smiled too. It was also apparent that David’s suggestion made most everyone uncomfortable, and the discussion kind of languished when no one else gave positive feedback.Katie and I talked about it when we got home in bed that night, and I had just finished suckling her breasts, when I asked, “What did you think of David’s suggestion tonight, honey? He sure singled you out with his comment and glance, and from the smiles of the other husbands, I think they wanted to go for it, especially thinking about swinging with you. But they’re likely afraid to admit it to their wives. Be honest, Katie, you won’t hurt my feelings.”She gave me that demure, yet mischievous smile I love so much, and answered, “It was a little shitty of David to single me out that way, but I had the feeling that I’ve been the only wife allowing so much intimate fondling; even letting them feel my bare breasts and getting their fingers wet. I have to confess, honey, that given how accepting you’ve been when I tell you what the men are doing, and the way we tease each other about it, I think you’d want to do it, and I would too.”I said, “Wow, Katie, you read me so well. But based on the chilling reception tonight, I don’t see how it could ever happen. Maybe we’ll just have to wait and see if any other couples agree to it. And to be honest, I think I have the most beautiful and sexy wife of the group, and I’m more interested in watching you with other men, than I am in sucking and fucking the other wives.”David brought up the topic of swinging again the next week, and since no one other than David was positive about it, I took the risk of weakly committing Katie and me, saying, “Katie and I have talked this over, and while it’s a little scary to think about swinging, and all the complications it could cause in our, so far, tight-knit group, I think we might be willing to try it, if everyone approaches it in a sane and mature way.”There was a little discussion after that, but we got the feeling that even being willing to discuss it in a positive light was enough to make the other wives treat us as if we had tainted ourselves, and we felt them distancing themselves from us emotionally. Although, the other husbands were even more attracted to Katie then, knowing that she had the mindset to let them fuck her.We made it through the rest of the night okay, and before we left, there was a big discussion about having a Halloween party. Everyone was excited by the idea of a party, and despite how reluctant they were about the idea of swinging, the other ladies liked the idea of having a contest to see which of them could dress in the sexiest costume. The Halloween PartyHaving grown up on a farm, Katie is proficient in a lot of homespun tasks, one of which is sewing. She decided to alter an old pair of denim, bib overalls from her years on the farm, and I bought a pair of overalls for myself, so we could be a matched set. I didn’t have any idea how she could make wearing overalls sexy, and since she wanted to surprise me, I didn’t see her costume until we were dressing for the party.When we were getting dressed on the night of the party, I was amazed and aroused, all at the same time, when I saw her costume. She had taken in the seams and made other alterations on that baggy pair of well-worn overalls that made them scream, ‘come fuck me’. It fit tightly, and the bottoms had been cut short to form Daisy Dukes, with half of her gorgeous ass hanging out. And the top was fitted so the bib came up and barely covered her areolas and nipples, which left her melon-sized, lactating breasts bulging out both sides and spilling over the top.”I stood there with my mouth open, before saying, "Holy shit, honey, I’ve never seen anything so erotic. And it’ll be hard to hide your breasts, even with a t-shirt on under it.”Katie smiled, and said, “The idea is to be the sexiest, and I didn’t say anything about wearing either a t-shirt, bra, or panties under it. Just let those ladies who were so cold to us a few weeks ago try to get their horny husbands under control after they see me.”I said, “Damn, honey, if everyone gets drunk and things get out of control there tonight, you’re sure to get fucked or gangbanged, whether anyone has agreed to swing or not.”The party was being hosted by Michael and Grace, since they have a finished basement with a bathroom, bedroom, and playroom, that has plenty of space for dancing and partying. It was unseasonably cool that October in Memphis, and Katie wore a stylish, long, sweater jacket over her overalls, which she kept on for a few minutes after we arrived.The husbands were gawking at the other wives, and they all looked good enough to eat, which is my favorite thing to do anyway. Megan was dressed in a slinky cat costume, which she made look good. Grace’s outfit was a little corny, with her dressed as French maid, but she was showing a lot of her tits and ass. Alicia was dressed as a very sexy Tinkerbell, but I think my favorite, after Katie, was Brooke, who was dressed as the sexy Star Trek actress, Jeri Ryan, but with lots of skin showing.Jim took me aside before Katie revealed her costume, and whispered, “Look, Jason, I feel closer to you since we went to law school together, and I wanted to give you a little warning. Brooke told me that she and the other wives are really irritated with you and Katie, partially because of the way you both allow their husbands to fondle her, and more recently with your willingness to swing. But, all the husbands like that about you guys, and what seems to some of us as almost an open marriage.”I said, “That doesn’t sound so bad to me if they’re miffed at Katie and me. What’s the warning all about?”He smiled and replied, “I confess that I’m happy about this, but the wives, including Brooke, have encouraged their husbands to take advantage of Katie and you if she continues tonight with her, uh, sorry, buddy, but, uh, her slutty ways, and teach you both a lesson for being so open sexually. They wanted to try and get everyone, and especially you two, more inebriated than usual, to help things get out of control. I could kick myself for warning you, but unless you want to see your wife fucked by all the men, you’d better tell her to tone it down.”Little did Jim know that I could hardly wait for the party to get out of control and finally get to watch Katie fuck other men. I told him, “Thanks a lot for the warning, Jim. I had no idea that the ladies could be this vindictive. I’ll let Katie know to be a little less accessible tonight.”Katie knows how to make an entrance and call attention to herself, and she waited until everyone had complimented the other ladies, when everyone was looking at her, as Michael made the announcement, “Okay ladies and gentlemen, now it’s time to judge the ladies’ costumes. Katie, you need to lose that sweater, so we can vote.”She removed her sweater and there was a collective, palpable groan as her huge, bulging breasts and sweet ass came into view. That mixture of the downhome, worn denim, contrasted with her obvious feminine charms and a lot of skin showing made everyone clap, the ladies less enthusiastically, and vote for Katie as the obvious winner. That was saying something considering how hot the other ladies looked.I took Katie aside and related Jim’s warning, but she just smiled and shrugged as we started drinking and dancing after the vote. All the men and some of the ladies had a hard time keeping their eyes from Katie. And as the men had more drinks, they became touchier as they danced with her. It was more obvious to everyone since we were in that relatively small basement, with only five couples, instead of mingling with dozens of other couples when dancing in the clubs.Everyone was drinking more heavily too, as Jim had warned me, since we had short drives to our homes in the suburbs, instead of having to drive in the traffic from the city. Different people were keeping Katie’s and my glasses full, and after a couple of hours, we were pleasantly drunk. I tried to observe everyone as they danced and watched Katie, with the men kissing her passionately, rubbing her bulging breasts and ass, and the husbands even pulling her hand between them to rub their cocks.I at least knew why the wives would allow their husbands to be so intimate with my wife, especially in a setting where it was all so obvious. Then, as I looked more closely, I noticed that the wives who weren’t dancing then, were standing together, whispering as they laughed and pointed at their husbands kissing and groping Katie. I went to the bathroom for a moment, so I could come back out behind them, around the corner in the hall, to hear what they were saying.Brooke and Alicia were talking, and I heard Brooke say, “Yeah, Alicia, if Jason and Katie were so interested in swinging, and if she wants to parade around like a whore in those overalls, it’ll serve them both right if she has her tits sucked dry and gets fucked repeatedly until she can’t walk. If she gets drunk enough and cooperates, I might just see if she has a taste for pussy too.”Alicia said, “She’ll be getting some bigger cocks than she’s used to as well. Antonio told me that he’s seen all our men at the urinals at work at one time or another, and Jason is the least well-hung of all of them. My husband has eight and a half inches of thick, brown, uncircumcised Mexican cock to shove into that bitch’s mouth and pussy, and he said that David’s better hung than him. We’ll see if she’s still into being such a slut and swinging after getting her mouth and pussy reamed half the night.”Brooke laughed and said, “Hell yeah, and it would be even better if she’s unprotected, and one of our husbands knocks the bitch up.”I hadn’t really believed Jim at first, but it was sounding like at least two of the couples, and probably all of them, were conspiring to somehow teach us a lesson. They didn’t know that Katie and I would love being taught such a lesson. The one thing I was not looking forward to is the ridicule I’d get for eating her out after each of the men fucked her, but I could hardly wait for it to happen. Things Quickly EscalateAbout two hours into the party, when I saw that Katie was pleasantly drunk, but still in control, she and David had been dancing, but then headed over to the couch. David sat on the couch and pulled Katie to straddle his lap, with her knees on the couch and facing him, and they began another tongue-probing kiss.I watched them closely, as most everyone else was doing, since that was the first time there had been that kind of intimacy off the dance floor. The way Katie was sitting on David’s lap, her bulging breasts were just about at his face level, and she was bending down a little to kiss him, leaving a little space between them. Everyone had to be happy as they continued kissing, and David moved his right hand up to unfasten the buckle loop on the left side of her bib, allowing her left breast to push that side of the bib down, exposing that breast completely.They broke their kiss, and as David covered my wife’s three-inch wide areola and thick nipple with his mouth to suckled her, Katie smiled, and said, “I hope you’re really hungry, David, because my girls are about to burst.”Everyone gathered around to watch, as David noisily sucked her breast, and we even heard him swallowing. And because of the way
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Katie was leaning into David, with him pinned against the back of the couch, her head extended over him. Antonio took advantage of that and slipped behind the couch, after pushing down his pants and underwear, and pressed his soft, brown cock to my wife’s lips.Katie looked up and smiled at Antonio, before taking his cock into her mouth and began noisily slurping and sucking it, while gripping his hairy ass with one hand to hold him in place, as she fondled his huge balls with the other. His cock quickly hardened to eight and a half, thick inches.Alicia was watching up close and said, “Yeah, that’s right, you fucking slut, suck my man’s big cock until he creams your mouth, and you’d better not spill a drop. He shoots a big load, and I hope you choke on it.”Everyone kept glancing as at me, wondering why I was letting those men have their way with my wife, and then after sucking Antonio for about four minutes, he held Katie’s head, and moaned out loud, “Oh yeah, keep sucking, bitch, and swallow my big load of cream.”Antonio’s ass was clinching, and everyone cheered as they heard Katie swallowing to get down his load. And while that was happening, David had unfastened the other side of her bib, fully exposing her pendulous breasts. Antonio pulled his cock out of her mouth, and it was still hard enough that the women seemed to admire it, much the same as I was doing. Then the situation escalated further, when David stood up, as Katie wrapped her legs around his waist, and he carried her to the bedroom that way.David laid Katie back on the bed, and as her huge breasts sagged to the sides, he struggled to pull off her tight overalls. He finally got them loose and pulled them off, and everyone stared at her big, thick-lipped vulva, covered in a neatly trimmed layer of blonde hair. He pushed his pants and underwear down and off, and we saw his thick, uncircumcised, nine-inch cock, and egg-sized, low-hanging balls, as he mounted her.It appeared that Katie was trying to kiss him as he shoved this thick cock inside her, and he pulled back, saying, “Nah, sorry, Katie, you fucking slut, I’m not kissing you after you just sucked and swallowed Antonio’s cream. But you’re going to love my big cock.”Katie wrapped her legs around his waist as he repeatedly buried his cock to the balls in her receptive pussy, and at the same time, Jim got on one side and Michael on the other, as they latched on to suckle her milk-filled breasts. Brooke was taking pictures with her phone, and said, “I’m just taking a few photos of this, so we can never let Katie forget what a slut she is.”David only lasted about five minutes in Katie’s pussy, and she was moaning with the third of her orgasms, as we saw his ass clenching and perineum throbbing, as he inseminated my wife. He was almost breathless, as he said, “Fuck yeah, Katie, I’m breeding your slutty, married cunt.”He pulled out of her, as Jim and Michael stopped suckling her, and moved to the end of the bed, like they were getting in line for their turns in Katie’s pussy. Before they could climb on her, I moved between her legs, as she placed her legs over my shoulders and flexed them to hold me tightly, and I began sucking David’s cum from her pussy.Everyone was laughing and clapping then, as Grace said, “Just look at what that nasty fucking Jason is doing, eating David’s cum load from his just-fucked, whore of a wife. They had just talked about swinging, and now it looks like Jason might have some cuckold tendencies as well, that I’m sure the men will take advantage of.”I loved eating David’s cum from Katie’s pussy; Grace didn’t know how right she was about my emerging cuckold streak. I had never even told Katie that I experimented with sucking my roommate’s cock in college, and I enjoyed taking a submissive posture with him. So, when I rolled out from between Katie’s legs, as Jim moved in to fuck her, I slid over in front of David, who was standing by the bed, and I sucked his slimy cock into my mouth.Then they had two things to watch, as Jim was fucking Katie with his seven-inch cock, and I was sucking David’s soft cock clean. But then Brooke got into the act too, taking off her Star Trek costume, and she moved onto the bed, straddling Katie’s head. Brooke has a nice body too, with a hairy, big-lipped pussy, and Katie didn’t hesitate to suck her when Brooke sat on her face.I cleaned Katie’s pussy and Jim’s cock when they were finished, and Michael moved between her legs. Michael fucked her with his thick, eight cock, as Brooke climbed off her face, and Alicia climbed on. I loved seeing Alicia’s darker skin and thick pussy lips, and I could tell that Katie loved eating her out since she held onto Alicia’s thighs to keep her in place on her face.While I was waiting for Michael to cum, Antonio came over to me, and said, “You might as well get used to sucking my cock, Jason, because I’m going to want to use your mouth a lot, especially at work on those late nights. But for now, I need you to fluff me for my turn in your wife’s pussy. I can recover quickly, and that blowjob Katie gave me has me wanting more.”Antonio had me lie on the bed with my head hanging slightly over the end, and moved over me, fucking my mouth. Everyone was watching since that was the first time I had sucked a cock other than to clean it. There were a lot of comments about how arousing it was watching him fuck my mouth like a cunt. I got his cock hard quickly, and since Michael was lasting a long-time fucking Katie, Antonio had another idea to try.He pulled his cock out of my mouth and quickly turned around to halfway sit on my face, dropping his massive, brown balls to my mouth. I sucked his balls as he sat harder on my face, and just as he was moving forward to have me suck his perineum, we heard Michael groaning as he ejaculated into Katie.Antonio got off me so I could quickly clean Katie’s pussy, and then he fucked her, as I cleaned Michael’s cock. Alicia was still riding Katie’s face with her thick-lipped pussy, and it was so erotic watching Antonio and Alicia kiss, as he fucked Katie and Alicia rode her face. He lasted a long time fucking my wife, since she had sucked him off only a half hour or so earlier, and she was moaning as she had orgasm after orgasm on his thick cock.After they finished, and I cleaned Katie’s pussy and Antonio’s cock, everyone stood around the bed as Katie and I rested for a few minutes, and Grace asked, “Well, how do you two feel about the swinging thing now? Katie has fucked all our husbands, sucked Antonio’s cock, and even eaten out Brooke and Alicia, not to mention having her breasts drained. Do you want more, or have you learned your lesson?”Katie answered for us, saying, “This has been a nice start. I haven’t been gangbanged or eaten pussy since college, and I’m just getting warmed up. It’s been nice of you ladies to let me use your husbands’ nice cocks too. I even got to learn something about Jason tonight and had no idea that he’d be so anxious to eat other men’s cum and suck their cocks. I’m just as happy with us not swinging, if you don’t mind missing the fun, so long as I can keep using your husbands’ cocks and have them suckle me.”They hadn’t expected that reaction from Katie, and it was funny watching them look at one another, as if reevaluating their stance on the whole swinging thing, as Brooke said, “I think Katie might have a point. I loved watching her getting fucked repeatedly, and frankly, was a little envious. I really enjoyed being eaten out too, and don’t see why she and Jason should have all the fun. It’s kind of fun seeing all the men standing around with their cocks and balls hanging out too.”So, despite their attempt to somehow shame us, everyone else got in the act after we had some refreshments. It was just too hard to stand by and do nothing, after witnessing the raw sex happening before their eyes. The other women took off their costumes then, and everyone was naked. Even though the focus was still on Katie after that, some of the others started pairing off. Things got to be a little bit of a blur, especially with me being drunk and everyone else drunk too, but I’ll try to accurately describe the action.Antonio was hugging Grace, with both of them being naked, and she was rubbing his cock, which had only recently ejaculated into Katie’s mouth and pussy, as they kissed and he rubbed her D-cup tits and nice, tight ass. While that was happening, Michael was fucking my wife again and sucking her breasts.I was then impressed with Antonio, as he laid with Grace on the bed and mounted her, and he was able to get it up after his recent ejaculations. They fucked for over fifteen minutes before he ejaculated again, and in the meantime, Michael finished with Katie, and I cleaned her pussy and his cock.Then I noticed that Jim was in the corner of the room humping Megan, and they took Antonio’s and Grace’s place on the bed when I finished cleaning them. That was a good time for me to approach Alicia, and I said, “Katie seemed to love sucking Antonio’s brown cock, and I did too. But for now, I sure would like to taste some brown pussy, and those nice tits of yours.”She laughed and said, “You can suck me all you want, gringo, but I’ll need more than that pitiful five inches of dick you have there to fuck me. Lie back on the bed and I’ll ride your cum-sucking face for a while.”After I sucked Alicia’s pussy, I cleaned Megan’s pussy and Jim’s cock, before everyone changed partners, kissing and fondling one another, as the men took turns sucking Katie’s breasts, even when she was fucking other men. Everyone had gotten off at least once by then, except for me, and that was okay. We talked as we had some more drinks and snacks.Jim laughed as he said to the group, “It looks like teaching Katie and Jason a lesson has taken an unexpected turn, and we ended up swinging with them anyway. But we have also learned that Katie is almost insatiable, and our good friend, Jason, here has a taste for cock and cum. That’s bound to come in handy, as Antonio said, on some of those late nights in the office. The night’s still young, too.”We got started again after another break and had another surprise. It turned out that Brooke had a little muff diving experience in college too, and everyone clapped and cheered as she cuddled with Katie in a sixty-nine, as they sucked each other to orgasms. The night went on that way, in every conceivable combination, with me being the cleanup man for everyone, and loving it Our Lives after the Halloween PartyFollowing the Halloween Party, we started having parties at one another’s homes most of the time instead of going to the clubs. And although everyone participated in the swapping, to some extent, Katie was still the focus, and I continued being the fluffer and clean up man for everyone.The other husbands, especially Antonio and David, also stopped by our home, one at a time and without their wives’ knowledge, to suckle and fuck Katie, and those were good opportunities for Katie and me to focus all our attention on them. Both men liked to start out romantically, kissing, and hugging Katie, as I sucked their cocks and balls, and then they enjoyed long, leisurely fucks, after which I cleaned everyone up.All the men took advantage of me at work too. With four of them taking turns as they got horny, I was going to the restroom or storage closet at least once a day with at least one of the men, sucking their cocks and balls and eating their cum. My Boss Gets into the ActThe swinging and focused fucking of Katie at our home, as well as me sucking my coworkers’ cocks at work and home, had been going on for over eleven months when I found out that at least one of the men had been telling others about our activities. And I learned they only spread rumors about the involvement of Katie and me with the men, instead of the whole groups’ activities.I had been working late at night for two weeks on a big case with Kevin, the forty-seven-year-old partner in charge of our criminal practice, and we were working late in the office one night when I found out that he knew about my cuckold lifestyle. He had also met Katie at a company event and was obviously attracted to her.It was getting late, we were alone in the conference room, and had just finished eating our dinner of Chinese takeout. I got a little suspicious when Kevin, for the first time since I had known him, brought up sex in the conversation.He said, “Thanks for being so enthusiastic about hanging in with me on this case, Jason. These late nights away from home take you away from your beautiful wife, and I know you must miss being with her. I know that I’m sure getting horny being away from home so much, and my wife isn’t nearly as easy to look at or as voluptuous as your Katie. No offense, Jason, but I bet you have a hard time keeping the four attorneys you started with away from her. I’ve been hearing that you socialize a lot with them, and Katie is a big attraction.”I was still wary of Kevin’s intentions and concerned about what he had heard, and I said, “Yes, it is true that Katie and I have become close friends with David, Michael, Antonio, Jim, and their wives. But I’m curious about what you meant saying the Katie is a big attraction. Where’d you hear that?”Kevin leaned closer like he was telling me a secret, even though we were alone, and he said, “Well, a little birdie told me about a Halloween party last year where, let’s just say, that Katie showed her sexual receptiveness to everyone, and that you’ve even been helping out your friends since then. Tell me I’m wrong, and I won’t say another word about it.”It was embarrassing having Kevin bring that up to me, even though it didn’t bother me if he was trying to take advantage of me somehow. So, I said, “This is sure awkward, Kevin, and I don’t know who has the big mouth, but I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t happen. But what do hope to accomplish by bringing this up to me?”He began to openly rub his crotch, as he smiled and said, “Well, I’d like to start by having you take care of my cock and two-week load right now, and any other time I need it, and I want to suckle and fuck your beautiful wife as soon as we can arrange it. Come on, Jason, it shouldn’t be a big deal. I’ve heard that you’ve developed quite a voracious appetite for cocks, balls, and cum, and I have plenty of all three for you.”I wanted to know where I would stand professionally with him, and asked, “What if I decline your request, Kevin? How would that affect my job and standing in the firm, especially since you’re my boss?”Kevin placed one hand on my shoulder to pull me to my knees between his legs as he unfastened and unzipped his pants with the other, as he answered, “I promise that there would be no negative impacts to your refusal, but on the other hand, if you do this, it might help you advance more quickly in the firm. And besides, I can tell by the look on your face that you want this as much as I do. Do it, Jason, suck my cock for me.”By that time, I realized that I wanted to suck his cock, and as Kevin stood up, I pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles. He sat down and lifted his legs over my shoulders, trapping me between his legs, and I got my first look at his thick, soft, uncircumcised cock, and hairy, egg-sized, low-hanging balls. I reached around and held on to his hairy, bare ass, and leaned in to suck his cock.Kevin’s cock hardened in only a few seconds, and I realized that it’s a little longer and thicker than David’s nine-inch cock. I was sucking and slurping on his big cock, as he held my head and pivoted his hips, fucking my mouth, as he said, “Oh fuck yes, Jason, suck my big cock. My wife never has had a taste for cock meat, and especially not cum, but David told me that you love to suck and swallow. Suck it boy, suck it, while I think about burying my cock in your wife’s sweet cunt and sucking those humongous tits of hers.”It only took Kevin about four minutes to cum, and his cock flexed and pulsed as he filled my mouth with his cream. I swallowed it all and kept sucking as his big cock softened, and Kevin said, “See, I knew you’d love it, and you can’t seem to get enough of my cock. Now, get down there and suck my balls for me.”He tilted his hips back to give me better access, and I sucked first one and then the other of his big, aromatic balls into my mouth. I sucked his balls for what seemed like ten minutes, until he pushed me away and said, “Okay, that’s enough for now, we’ve got more work to do. You can suck them again after I fuck Katie, and suck on those big milk jugs of hers."We worked for another hour, and as we packed up to go home, Kevin said, “Come to the restroom with me and hold my cock while I piss. Then I want you to suck out another load for me.”I hadn’t done anything like that with the other men, but I was soon on my knees beside Kevin, holding his meaty cock as he pissed for over a minute. Then he turned my way, with the head of his cock and foreskin still wet with piss, and shoved his meat into my mouth. I sucked him for ten minutes that time, before he held my head and fucked my face, feeding me another tasty load of cum.We walked to the parking garage together, and he said, “This was wonderful, Jason, and I want you to talk with Katie about what you did and describe my big cock for her. I want you to tell me tomorrow when I can come over to fuck her well-used cunt. If everything works out, I think some or all of the other partners are going to want to use her pussy and your mouth too.” Inviting Kevin Over and My Busy Cuckold FutureKatie was in bed, but not asleep yet when I got home. I told her what happened with Kevin, and even describe his cock as being bigger than David’s, and she said, “I thought it was just a matter of time before someone let out the secret. I sure don’t mind having another big cock to fuck, and it sounded like you enjoyed yourself sucking him off. You can invite him over whenever you want.”We invited Kevin over on Saturday when he could give his wife an excuse that he was going out to run some errands, and he stayed with us for two hours. He kissed Katie and suckled her tits as I fluffed his big cock, and he fucked her long and hard, with Katie having multiple orgasms. I sucked his cock clean after I cleaned Katie’s pussy and he had me suck his balls while he suckled her breasts.I was contacted by two of the other partners after I sucked and Katie fucked Kevin, and we soon had the three partners, Antonio, David, and sometimes Michael and Jim stopping by to fuck Katie, at least once a week each, and I was sucking and swallowing all those men at work.So, what started as David’s suggestion to swing, followed by Katie’s revealing overalls, has led us into an active cuckold lifestyle, that I hope we can enjoy for many years to come. 

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