Orgasm Porn Movies With Big Daddy Cops

Orgasm Porn Movies With Big Daddy Cops

I dislike riding the train. But this time I could save some time, which translated into spending more time with my wife Cora. I was certain she had arrived 30 minutes early. I spotted her at once.We had not seen each other for three days, which for us was  an eternity. Half of our friends called us the honeymooners, the other half referred to us as The Rabbits. I think they were envious of our relationship. We were still as much in love as when we had met eighteen years ago. Cora then was eighteen and I was sixteen.Our parents were convinced that this love affair was only a temporary infatuation. Well we proved them wrong and now my parents are proud of their son, and Cora's parents are proud of their daughter.After we had given everyone at the station a display of unending young love we drove home. Our new home. We had moved in only two months ago and had by now met most of our neighbors. It was a most friendly neighborhood and we had been invited to four parties already. We had bonded quickly with our neighbors to the south, Al and Dottie, or rather Dorothy, which had been her name when we had first met them.She had been so prim and proper, even a bit mousy. Her dress made only one statement, I want to get lost in the crowd. But that changed two weeks ago at our party. She told me just the other day how happy she was to have been invited by us. Now she is such a vivacious, pretty lady that I cannot resist kissing her whenever we meet. And living right next door to us we do meet often.Recently Al had collared me. "Chris, my friend, how can I ever thank you enough for the New Woman you gave me.""Stop it right here," I interrupted him. But he was not to be denied. He had to say what he came to say and he continued."I still can hardly believe that Dottie's change happened so fast. I mean, she started the party as a prim and proper wife and left the party as the kind of sluttish wife I always had wanted her to be.""Al, I told you before that women have their fantasies just as men have theirs. There are several main fantasies that are shared by the majority of women. One of them is being a slut and letting go of all the prim and proper trash ideas they were forced to swallow when they were small.In other words, deep down they long to be themselves instead of a product of parents, teachers, friends, and society in general. But it is hard to junk what has been drilled into you when you were young. It takes a hard jolt to shatter the artificial shell of being prim and proper. We jolted Dorothy and Dottie emerged."Al shook his head. "Chris, I still feel like it was a miracle," were his parting shots.A few days later Al called in the evening, just as Cora and I had finished the dinner dishes and were ready to relax in the living room. He wondered if we had a few minutes for him and his story."We will be most happy to listen to your story," I assured him. "Come over now and we will serve you some cheap wine."Al and his wife Dottie had gotten acquainted with us, and I mean, really acquainted, about two weeks before during a most pleasant and memorable evening. Not more than three minutes later Al and Dottie rang the door bell.We settled down in the living room with our drinks in hand and made the usual small talk before plunging into the main subject. Cora and I had a hunch that Dottie's sister might be it. Our hunch turned out to be right."You have not yet met Dottie's sister Mildred and her husband Bert," Al started. "Bert and I had an interesting conversation a few days ago. Dottie and her sister had gone shopping. So we just talked about all kinds of subjects. He was very impressed with the changes in Dottie and he was wondering what had brought them about.""If you think I was screwed up," Dottie chimed in, "you have to meet my sister. You tell them, Al.""I think I can quote my brother-in-law almost verbatim. He complained about Mildred's attitude toward sex, and I quote. With Mildred it's missionary position only. Doggie style is for animals, she claims. So don't offend me by suggesting such a disgusting and unnatural way, she says. If you must have your sex, let's at least do it in a civilized fashion."I interrupted Al, "I bet you had a hard time keeping a straight face, didn't you?""Well, yes," he admitted. "Bert also complained about her attitude towards her name. He said that Mildred is generations ago and that he wanted to call her Millie. Absolutely not. She said that it was her grandmother's name. She had been given that name and she will not dishonor her grandmother by changing it. Talk about an old fashioned attitude. But I am sure that there is a barely glowing ember buried deep down that could be fanned into a flame.""I think it's time to lead Dottie's sister into the twenty first century."It was my wife Cora who made a suggestion that seemed valid to me.It also seemed valid to Al and Dottie who pounced on the idea immediately. "Let's have party and show Mildred-Millie a good time. I am sure there is some talent slumbering that has to be wakened. And we know the guy who can do it, right, Dottie?" Al kept looking at me while he gave his little speech.We called Bert and arranged to meet at my place to discuss how to change Mildred into Millie. It was a pleasant afternoon and everyone seemed excited about the upcoming event.I was standing next to Bert and so could not help hear the conversation between Bert and Al. "You know, Al, I am so pleased, but also a bit envious, when I see how your Dottie has changed. What a woman you now have," complimented Bert. "I never told you how that change came about, or did I?" Al asked his brother-in-law. "No, I didn't. But I will share the secret with you.""OK, let's hear how a woman can change completely from one day to the next almost," Bert wanted to know.Al had a big smile on his face as he started, a smile brought on by the memory of that evening. "I think we told you that we have new neighbors, Chris and Cora. About two weeks ago they invited us for after-dinner drinks, and that was the evening when Dottie changed.""If just meeting new neighbors can bring that change about, then I better go home and look for new neighbors," Bert interrupted and laughed at his joke.Al went on. "They had also invited another couple, Ben and Susan, with whom they were good friends, they told us. When Ben and Susan arrived, Dottie and I were treated to a scene of lovers meeting each other after a long absence. Those hugs and kisses were real. With us they just shook hands.We enjoyed our drinks and were in the process of getting acquainted when Ben turned to Cora and said, 'remind me before we leave to give you back your panties.' The two couples started to laugh and then turned to us. Cora explained that the four had been to town the week before and she had to go without panties because she had lost a bet.Dottie looked at her wide-eyed. That started another round of laughter. Cora then asked Dottie if she ever played games like that. Dottie's mouth opened but there was no sound. She could only shake her head 'NO'.Ben and Susan then suggested giving Dottie a make-over. They took her to the bedroom and talked her into going along and have fun. Well, that's how it started. Now she calls herself 'The New Woman', and she really is.""I am more than ready to get going and work on Mildred?" said Bert."You think the little ember can be changed into a flame?" wondered Al."I'll never sleep again if we don't try. Furthermore, we don't know, maybe inside she is envious of her new sister." Bert was excited.We all sat down  to arrange the event. It was to be at Bert and Mildred's home. I told Bert that Cora or Dottie, or both, would take him to Frederick's of Hollywood and help him pick an outfit for Mildred to wear later in the evening. After that I assigned the different roles to the players. We made one dry run and it went real well and we laughed a lot.* * * * *Bert was so excited on Saturday, the day of the party; his hands were shaking when he poured himself a glass of wine. Then he poured another glass of wine for his wife and laced it with a shot of vodka. He made sure she was never without her drink.Al and Dottie were already there when we arrived with Ben and Susan in tow. As soon as introductions had been made everybody found a seat in the spacious living room. A round of drinks were served and Mildred tried to decline. It took some coaxing from everyone to have her accept hers.By prior agreement toasts were proposed to Mildred the hostess, to Bert, the host, to friendship, to a nice party. Mildred could not graciously refuse and so consumed more than she should have, she was getting to the point where the fun was to start.I turned to my wife with a harmless remark. "Do you suppose Dottie is her loveable self again tonight?"My wife answered with a straight face, "I don't believe so, not at her sister's home."Bert was next in line with "what are you two talking about, or is it a secret?"Dottie laughed and said, "I am not going to tell."Mildred could not hold back any longer and turned to her sister.  "Come on, let me in on the fun, everyone seems to know except me."Dottie addressed her sister directly.  Oh, they are talking about last weekend when we went to town for dinner and then danced till midnight.""I don't see anything funny about going out with friends and mingle with people," said Mildred."She wasn't wearing any panties all night and I am a witness," shouted Al.Mildred was in shock, her face turned beet red as she stammered. "Tell me you didn't Dorothy, you wouldn't.""I am not so sure about that sister of yours," said Bert right on cue.Mildred rose to her sister's defense. "No way, we were brought up right, mister."Bert came back at her with a question. "How would you like to have someone do the laundry tomorrow, make the bed, do the cooking and everything else you cam think of? If that sounds good to you I propose a bet. The winner can rest all day; the loser must obey the winner and do whatever the winner tells him to do during the next twenty four hours. Are you on, Mildred?"Mildred had enough alcohol to keep her from thinking the bet through thoroughly and agreed at once. I took it upon myself to repeat the rules. "The loser will have to obey the winner's commands for the next twenty-four hours. Ladies first, Mildred what do you say?""No way," Mildred shouted her challenge looking at her husband."I think she did," was Bert's answer.Dottie stood up, and in a clear voice announced, "I did and I do right now. Want to see my clean shaven pussy?" Mildred was now glad she had had more drinks than she should have had; they helped her cope with her embarrassment. She stared accusingly at her sister for a few seconds and finally muttered, "how could you do such a thing?"Bert told her to go to her bathroom with the other girls and either shave her pussy herself or have it shaven by one of the girls. Furthermore, her husband told her, that from now on her name was to be Millie.Bert also commanded her to dress with what she will find in the package next to the bed on her side. And you better make up your face, he added.When she returned she was told to present herself in the middle of the living room and then make the rounds to show herself off to each one present. She was not sure she would live through her embarrassment.She had an idea what kind of picture she presented in her black mini skirt, her black heels. The thin material of her blouse was almost transparent and rubbed against her nipples, which had always been imprisoned by a no nonsense bra. Now they were erect and hard and sent unwanted little delights down her spine. She was acutely aware that her nipples not only showed but that they were prominently displayed.What further added greatly to her embarrassment was that she was aware of a slight tingle between her legs. This was not what a prim and proper woman should tolerate under the circumstances. But no matter how she tried to think it away, the tingling strayed with her. And worse yet, it became more persistent as time went on. She tried to think of chores she should do tomorrow, but that did not work, either,The girls had used just a touch more make-up than was the norm, especially around her eyes. She was certain that the extra mascara, eye liner and kohl, as well as the eyelash enhancer, gave her face a slightly sluttish look. She was right.As she made her round she was ordered to pose, in many different ways; with her hands on her hips looking forward into the camera, with her arms raised, which pushed her tits out proudly. My God, she thought, this is so damn sexy, I can't believe I am doing this. As the cameras clicked away the tingling between her legs rose up another notch.After the show we maneuvered Mildred to the couch to sit next to me on my left. It was my turn to lead her to her new self.I bent to her conspiratorially and said, "Mildred, you are probably feeling a little woozy right now. If you will allow me, I would love to get you a little antidote to alcohol. It might help you to feel better.""I could sure use some of that. I think I had too much to drink," she answered.I returned with a half a slice of black rye bread. "This is an old standby in Russia against too much vodka; I use it myself at times." I broke off a bite size piece and put it between her lips. I moved a little closer to her and fed her another piece of bread. She was so grateful for someone to be concerned about her that she started slightly leaning toward me.By the time she finished the last bite she had her head on my shoulder. My arm had reached around her and I had pulled her tightly to me. I brought my mouth close to her ear and whispered, "Mildred I hope you don't mind my arm around you, but you are such a warm, desirable, loveable woman. You are exciting and sexy and desirable, but you hide too much of the beauty in you. May I give you a thank you kiss?"She thought about that for quite a while before she tilted her head up for a kiss. I made it a soft non-demanding kiss to see how she would respond. She did better than I expected. It could have been the alcohol, or she was in a grateful mood, I don't know."This was lovely," I told her. "It made me think that you do not know what a kiss of passion is. I would love to teach you. May I, please?"I did not wait for an answer but kissed her throat, then her cheek, and finally placed my lips on hers. Opening my lips slightly I gently traced the outside of her lips with the tip of my tongue.I withdrew slightly and she did not like me leaving her, she wanted more. I placed my lips fully on hers, opened them just a bit and let my tongue snake out. At first I met only teeth, which I caressed lightly. After many seconds her teeth slowly parted to allow me access. Gradually I became bolder, and was rewarded with her tongue hesitantly moving past my lips.Then the dam broke and she hugged me hard, battled with my tongue, stabbed hers deep into my mouth. I don't think she noticed that my hand cupped her left breast and that my fingers squeezed her nipple. But her body noticed. She
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shivered in my arms, her kisses became more demanding.  I opened her blouse and she did not restrain me. Some small moaning sounds came from her as she stiffened with a tiny orgasm.A minute or so later I released her just as the rest of the party descended on us. Bert pushed forward and addressed her.It is time to join the rest of the ladies. None of them are wearing panties and there is no reason or you to have special privileges. They will have to come off. While you two have been resting on the couch we took a vote as to who we want to see as the gallant knight to lead you into the twenty-first century."Next he turned and asked me to rise. He handed me a blank sheet of paper. "Here are your instructions for the rest of the evening." While I pretended to read the instructions, Bert pulled his wife from the couch and embraced her. He raised his arms and took her face between his hands, then lovingly kissed her."Millie dearest, I love you so much. And I will love the new Millie even more after she crawled out of her prim and proper shell, emerging the way a colorful butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Until then you will obey Chris in everything he tells you to do."When Bert released her and stepped back I noticed that Millie looked much calmer. Some of her apprehension seemed to have evacuated.I sat back down on the couch and had Mildred stand in front of me. "I want you to look at me and smile at me until we are finished. You will grab the hem of your skirt on either side and slowly, very slowly, raise your skirt until I tell you to stop. You will lower your skirt again only after I give you permission……..Now look at me and start raising your skirt."I smiled back at her to give her some confidence. Finally when she had reached her waist, I told her to stop."Oh my, what pretty panties you have on. Someone had excellent taste and spent good money on them. It's a shame I will have to give them back when I leave. But be prepared, I will try to talk you into letting me keep them, as a memento."I hooked my thumbs behind the waistband and slowly rolled her panties down to her feet. When I sat up again I admired the view I had. "what a beautiful pussy you have, Mildred. It looks so smooth and soft." Then I added something that was not in the script. "May I touch?" What would she answer, I wondered. We kept smiling at each other, but I could almost physically feel her wheels spinning. After a long wait she whispered "You may." I think she put the stress on the word 'you'.I ran the back of my hand respectfully over her labia. This was a milestone on the way. I could only hope that my eyes showed my admiration.I told her to lower her skirt and that we were finished.Mildred immediately rushed into the kitchen; while Bert pushed a drink at me as I rose from the couch. He moved closer and said, "I saw it, but I can't believe it."I gave Mildred a few minutes to recover from her ordeal, then joined her in the kitchen, where I opened her blouse again and arranged it so that just one tit was in the open to be admired by anyone."You are to offer me your tit like a slut would do, to be kissed every time you pass from here to the living room and back. I will be sitting right in your path when you set up the snack table."Every time I treated her nipple I could feel a slight tremble running through her. I cannot deny it, I enjoyed myself. There was no doubt that Mildred started to enjoy my sucking on her nipple. It was time for the next step."You are getting to enjoy being a slut, and don't deny it. But a real slut has both tits out." Her blouse was now fully open and every time she passed by me I sucked on both nipples. She now started to react visibly much to the enjoyment of everyone, except Mildred. She was sp embarrassed that it showed how her body reacted. This was like a slut, not like a prim and proper lady.When she was done setting up the snack table I stopped her and told her to sit in my lap.I put my arm around her and pulled her close."I am so proud of you," I whispered in her ear as I kissed her ear lobe. When I stuck my tongue into her ear she shivered. I kissed her neck, her cheek, her throat. I turned her face toward me and started kissing her deeply. She responded immediately with a fury. Her embarrassment had translated into a jumble of excitement, expectation, anticipation.Eventually we had to come up for air. I whispered in her ear again."I want you to become a slut. That is the opposite of prim and proper, which you are right now. You are like a car with only one gear that can go 20 miles per hour, no more. But when you add a high gear you can drive any speed you want. Add a slut to Mildred and you are free to be  anything in between, you will enjoy life much more. You will be the new Millie, instead of a copy of your teacher, parents, church."While we were kissing I had moved my free hand down to her thigh and then between her legs to gently massage her clit. Now she was squirming in my lap. I asked her to open her legs and she did give me access. I kissed her again, then took her right hand and moved it toward her pussy.When I broke the kiss, I whispered, "put your finger in your pussy and play inside, I want to enjoy your tits for a bit. You are such an exciting woman with a body that just screams to be loved. I can feel how turned on you have gotten, so don't deny it."After a few seconds pause I continued, "I want to fuck you so badly, you sweet, wonderful, sexy slut. I always pay a slut for letting me fuck her. But I have only twenty dollars with me. Will you let me fuck you for twenty dollars?"Millie opened her eyes to look at me and simply said, "I do."I had to reinforce the agreement and asked, "Twenty is OK then?"She answered immediately without thinking about it. "Yes, Yes."After a minute or two I said, "you know you are a slut already. You are playing with yourself while everyone is watching you. They are having fun seeing that prim and proper slut wife finger fucking herself."She had tried to pull her hand from her pussy but I had kept a firm hold on her wrist.I had more to say. "I will now walk you to your bedroom. You will keep playing with yourself until I tell you to stop."She was obedient and kept her finger in her pussy while we walked to her bedroom. I set her on the bed. After I pushed her down I spread her legs and lifted her knees up to give me better access to her charms. She was still playing with herself as she was told."This is one of the best shows ever," I announced. "I think that watching a woman play with herself is the most erotic sight, especially a married woman and especially if she knows that she is being watched."Her cheeks had turned pink, but she opened her eyes to look who was watching her. Her color turned to crimson and she shut her eyes in embarrassment when she realized that Bert had his camera in his hand and snapped pictures of her.After another minute or so I told her, "You have been a good girl. I let you relax for a bit while I read up on my instructions."When I finished reading I folded my instructions and put them in my pocket. I turned to Millie and raised her knees up again while I pushed her legs apart as wide as it was comfortable for her."Millie dear, I am sure you remember that I told you what a pretty pussy you have when I took your panties off you. We want to see more of it. Put your hands on your labia and pull them apart so I can get a good look of your pussy's inside." She did not hesitate."Wwhoa, how pretty. I wish you could see yourself, Millie. What an erotic, sexy sight. I love those shades of pink, and then there are sparkles like diamonds where droplets of your pussy juices cling to the walls. I hope those pictures turn out good. We all should have a set." I paused.Her embarrassment had risen another notch, but there were also signs of arousal, of expectation. And as I watched in disbelief I saw her pussy walls flutter. Her whole pussy opened even more and then closed shut. Millie's mouth was open wide as she screamed. Her body arched up, then became rigid as spasm after spasm rocked her, shook her. With her convulsions came her outbursts."Yes………Yes………….Oh my God………..Ugghh……….Was that the prim and proper Mildred? No way. This was Millie, the slut, screaming out her orgasm for anyone in the neighborhood to hear. All of us stood in awe, watching Millie convulse, shudder, twitch, and finally collapse, sprawling like a rag doll, arms outstretched. Her perspiration was soaking the bed sheets to a darker shade. Her chest was heaving and she took in big gulps of air.I looked about and saw her sister staring wide eyed at Millie. Bert was standing motionless with his mouth slack. Al was holding on to the snack table with white knuckles. Cora held her face in her hands, her lips whispering 'Oh my god'.As for me, I was not quite sure if I was dreaming all this or if it had really happened moments ago. I had not even touched Millie. At least not physically.As I looked back at Millie I noticed that her breathing was not labored anymore. Then I saw why, Millie was asleep.We agreed to let poor Millie have her deserved sleep before continuing. Meanwhile we snacked and fixed ourselves another drink. She slept for about 30 minutes. She woke up with a start and wondered what had happened.She looked at me so accusingly that it called for a rebuttal."Millie, I did not even touch you a bit. You were aroused to such a pitch that your body took over getting the lease it needed whether you wanted or not."I switched subjects. "Millie, is it true what I was told, that you would not allow anyone, not even your husband, to eat your pussy? Is it?"She did not answer, just nodded her head. I hoped that by now she would feel embarrassed being so prudish. That surely would be a switch in the right direction.Again I pushed her legs apart and raised her knees so they almost touched her chest. I started to do what I loved to do and within just seconds I could hear her moaning. Her pussy muscles twitched and little waves of pleasure made her squirm on the bed. And much too soon I had to give her up as the first of a series of orgasms hit her. She screamed through her first one, bucked and jerked through her second one, then just convulsed again and again."No more," she screamed. "I can't take any more. Please let me rest."She fell asleep again immediately and did not wake until twenty minutes later. While she slept I peeled off two twenty dollar bills and put them on the night stand. Then I took off my pants and waited for her to wake up. When she woke I walked over to her and stood next to the bed, bent down and kissed her face wherever I found some skin. When I put my lips to hers it was she who pushed her tongue into my mouth.  She was hot and ready.Her hand slid down her belly about half way to her pussy, then stopped. She was not that liberated that she could repeat what she had done under duress, but she came close."Millie, I just have to fuck you. Just look at my skivvies. You are responsible for that; remember I have only twenty dollars. How much will you charge me?""Give me twenty," she answered.I handed her a twenty dollar bill, making sure that I was not blocking the video camera. After I had positioned her again at the edge of the bed I let the head of my dick caress her clit. She wanted more and just took matters in her own hand, so to speak.She somehow had scooted her body towards me to lodge my dick where she wanted it. I started out slow but she was too charged to appreciate niceties. She wanted to get fucked, and right now.Fuck me ……… Fuck  me hard…………… I want to feel you……… Damn…. Fuck me………..Yes…………… Jarder…………..We wondered how far down the street her voice carried. I also was surprised by her choice of words, had I not heard that she never used the f-word?After a few minutes I pulled her off the bed despite her protests and fucked her doggie style until she was consumed by another orgasm, which left her limp and satiated, so I hoped. She had pitched forward and collapsed on the bed, her face into the mattress, and her knees on the floor. It could not have been better if I had directed it.After long minutes she lifted her head and looked at me. Now was my chance. "Millie," I said, "I found another twenty. Maybe I could get a twenty dollar blow job from you to finish the day?"She nodded and added the bill to the first, which she somehow still had in her hand. While I removed my skivvies she nonchalantly walked to the dresser and put her money in her purse."Is this your first blow job?" I asked her."It Is," she admitted, "but I learn fast. Just tell me if I do something wrong, OK?"She kneeled and took me into her mouth, then stopped and released me."I just tasted my own pussy. Not bad. I can see why you guys want to eat pussy. "She winked at me and added, "I am available whenever you are hungry." She went back to work. It was still an amateurish job, but I was sure she would learn fast.But I wanted to give her at least some pointers.  "Millie, I want to teach you one or two things. Number one, you should look up into your man's face with a smile two thirds of the time you are holding him captive. Number two, you should ask him how he wants to finish, coming in your mouth for you to swallow his spunk, or to spit it out. He can also shoot it on your tits where you rub it all over your chest; or he can give you a cream pie, that is a facial. And that is what you will get tonight. I will give you more instructions a little later.She looked up at me and smiled as I had suggested to her. It was a genuine smile of a slut who loved giving a blow job.After a while she started to experiment by bringing her tongue into play. She even tried to deep throats, which ended with her gagging and sputtering.I still had to tell her what to do at the end. "Millie dear, here is what to do for the camera at the end. Smile at me and rub some of my cum around your cheek with one finger, then put the finger in your mouth and lick it clean. Turn to the camera and do the same routine for the camera. Then use both hands and rub some of my cum onto your tits. Smack your lips and blow the camera a kiss. That will be the end of the show."But all good things must come to an end and I felt my climax starting to build. My thigh muscles began to tighten as if they wanted to cramp. The climax surprised me because it did not develop as usual over the span of a few seconds. I was just there. I pulled away from Millie's lips as my dick was already shooting its load. Her cream pie landed on her cheek, and her chin, and some even on her lip. She did exactly as I had told her and after she licked her finger clean she clew her kiss at the camera.Not a word was uttered for a long moment, and then everyone applauded loudly.Millie left and took a quick shower. When she returned she was radiant. She proudly walked to the center of the room, put her hands on her hips and announced, "From now on call me Millie."Then she added, "and to hell with being prim and proper."

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